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As a big fan of sport in general
I tend to follow many genres.
This year is special that we have in summer
the Olympic game of 2020 in Tokyo.
Last month Usain was there to inaugurate
a stadium for the big event.
Hopefully we can see more from him in the near future.

Lately Mr Bolt has shared his voice for a soca group.
Carnival is all over the place whenever there is a new year.
You can feel the voice and he likes it.
Just want to dance #soca, it is so vibrant.

Usain has not been shy to showcase himself and to participate in other
production and many other sports as well. He has a voice and I am glad he is using it.
By the way baby Bolt is coming. First time dad is coming.
We can expect that kid will be fast as well.

Enjoy this soca

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Bet his kid will come out running 😸

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Ha ha ha ha that is funny
Hey more gold medal for the family

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