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Hello everyone.

Welcome back again on my another post of splinterlands.

This video is to join the weekly curation challenge of share your battle arranged by @splinterlands / @steemmonsters team. And the challenge is, you have to share your battle at any social media.
I've played splinterlands for more than 1 hour and screen recorded it and uploaded it on my youtube channel. Due to some network issue I couldn't live stream my battle. I'm also going to share this post with the video of battle in facebook.
Sharing on other social media will help to reach more people. Actually people who don't even know about steemit can also know about this amazing game. This will help to grow he user amount of @splinterlands .
In my video I was actually trying to complete a quest. And the challenge was, I have to win 5 matches using the fire splinter. But, as it is the last time of this season there are many bigger and good players playing to grow their trophies I lost a lot of matches. Also I had to follow the rule sets. And because of the rule sets many times I couldn't get the fire splinter . It took me 1 hour to win 2 match using fire splinter. I have to play more if I want to complete the quest, because the season is going to end id 1day.

So, that's all for now guys.

See you again in my next post.

Thanks for your time.


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