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RE: I like playing with balls

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If I remember right Tennis involves a lot of strain on the knee, so you should take a knee brace with you just in case you need a little support there. Tennis is fun but it is a real work out at times, hundreds of little sprints all over the place from the net to the back line left side to the right side. Enjoy the game.


That's a good idea. The injury to the knee was an impact injury and after 6 months or so it was back to normal, although I didn't fancy having it hit again. Hopefully it'll stand up to a bit of running around - hopefully she'll be nice!


Well if there are a few aimed at...well you know where...I would say she kind of likes you, or maybe she just really wants to cause you will depend on how many sorry's , and are you alright's you get from her as to which is which.

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