Where on Wednesday: Seventeen - "Sending it" for sport

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I'm sitting in my office right now. I have on a suit and tie, am surrounded by files, paperwork, my computer, a couple of phones and the buzz of people working filters into my office from the open-plan section where the bulk of the team work. It's annoying, the noise I mean, [and being at work I guess] however I rarely close my office door as it sends the wrong message to the team.

I should be thinking about work, but I'm not; I'm thinking about long-range shooting.

It's been a while since I last went long-range shooting; I usually compete here and interstate several times a year however due to lack of time I haven't been able to - This means there's been little reason for me to go out and practice and so I haven't. I have been focussing more on my handgun sports and so rifle shooting has taken a backseat role - A situation I want to rectify soon.

Make no mistake, I have been shooting a lot, both handguns and rifles, however not at the distances I call long-range. I cull feral animals on a farm at no more than 400m (437 yards) which I do not consider long-range. It's certainly far enough when culling of course and I don't shoot at greater distance as I need to ensure the humane-dispatch of the feral animal I am culling - Head shots.

Long range to me is 500m+ and out to about 1600m, (so 546 yards to 1750 yards). I know many people can shoot at greater distance but for me and my equipment 1600m (1 mile) is about the limit at which I'd take a shot. I don't shoot to miss and at past that range my hit-probability declines from 85% to around 55% due to the calibre of rifle's I shoot and my own skill. I shoot .308, 6.5mm creedmoor and .243 (6mm) rifles at long range and whilst they are very capable I shoot for accuracy and the further the range the less probable a hit is. No point shooting knowing one will miss I guess.

The image above shows a typical target at that range; It's a thick steel plate about the size of a large dinner plate. This one was set at about 1325m (1449 yards) from my shooting position and you can see the two hits I made on it - The first two I sent. That's the sort of accuracy I'm looking for.

To the right of me in the image you can see another target of about twice the size as the one I'm kneeling next to. We used that to verify our data prior to shooting at the smaller one. In a real-world situation (war for instance), or a competition, one wouldn't get the luxury to do that though - One simply has to rely on the ballistics data and the environmental factors determined to dial in the right elevation and windage and simply make the shot bringing many different elements together to do so.

On this occasion we were shooting in stressed conditions, elevated heart rates, and off barricades to simulate various positions and increasing the degree of difficulty.

This image shows a couple we made out of marine-ply - The one the rifle sits on is designed to simulate an angled roof which we would lay on to shoot and the other a window, balcony or ledge etc. When we shoot in competitions we never know what the event-organiser will throw at us and so we work hard to practice many different scenarios and to become proficient at shooting in odd positions. The 1325m shot I made was from a prone position and not off a barricade although I ran 50m, carrying my rifle, to the position, set up and took the shots as quickly as possible, all timed - Breathing hard like that make shots at range difficult - Exactly what we are training to overcome for competition purposes.

I miss the repetitive nature of practicing long-range shooting. It's not all trigger-pulling though...We practice calling the environmental factors like wind - Gathering information from grass blowing, trees swaying, dust kicking up which helps determine what windage call is required for the shot. We also practice getting our FFS (field firing solution) as quickly as possible and in various ways - This is often done by in-putting heaps of data into a ballistics calculator but we also train to calculate it manually working towards making those complicated mathematical equations as easy as possible to calculate in our heads, and fast. All fun, but not always easy.

I'm not sure when I'll be out doing this next, maybe in a few weeks or so depending on how hot the weather gets. I am always GTG at the drop of a hat though (good to go) as I keep my equipment in a ready-to-use condition at all times - One never knows when a window of opportunity may arise and one needs to get geared-up quickly.

I love this sport - It's challenging, very technical (ballistics, physics, mathematics, chemistry etc. - I make my own ammunition too.) It's interesting and pushes the limits of mind and body at times. Are the skills I deploy transferrable? Of course...But who really cares. I mean are the skills of kicking a ball transferrable? Of course, but again, who cares. It's just sport; It's done for enjoyment, the challenge and satisfaction of achievement.

Below you'll find a couple of posts I did that relate to some of the concepts I've mentioned here...They are more technical in nature. Take a look if you're inclined.

General info
Ballistics calculations

Anyway, that's where I'd rather be and what I'd rather be doing right now - But I'm stuck in my office.

Just tag #whereonwednesday in your post, on a Wednesday, to join in if you would like. It's not a challenge or anything dumb like that, neither do you get anything for it. It's just a chance to post your thoughts and maybe a picture or two.

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That's some insane marksmanship. I remember in the army, I could usually hit a man-sized target at a quarter of that distance. The steyr had a 1.5x scope though, so hardly sniper grade hardware.
I can't imagine how steady your hands would need to be.

Yeah, it's easier with my Kahles 6-24x56 rifle scope. The old 1.5x would never get out that far. Designed for different purposes with about 300m being the range I guess. You would have had sharp-shooters in support of general infantry I assume, all doing the same things I do.

Being steady is important. Load the bi-pod forward, brace the butt-stock with a shooting bag or hand, breath in and out to about the natural pause in breathing then squeeze the trigger. The break should come as somewhat as a surprise. Other factors too of course, but that's essentially it. Takes a lot of practice...Many rounds.

I remember one day I had my cheek too far forward, and the scope hit me in the eyebrow.
I knew changing my position would wreck my grouping, so I just fired the last 4 rounds 'forgetting' that the scope was going to hit me again. That took some mental fortitude; and delivered a nice shiner.
Passed the shoot though. Worth it to not spend another week in Basic Training.

Haha...We call that scope-eye. It's happened to everyone. I have a very close head-position in relation to the scope so get close to it most times I shoot. Not pleasant, but probably way better than another week in basic.

  ·  7 months ago (edited)

bro i love the post images they make me feel legit outdoors and like im in middle america, where alex jones voice rings free :D

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Middle America, middle Australia: Same, but different. 😉

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Hmm perhaps this explains why I really struggled to draw your character in a suit and tie, you don’t sound keen on that attire 🤣

Thinking about work every second you’re at work is probably a hard ask anyway, good to take a little mental break so you can get back to it refreshed 😜

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Well, I look good in a suit but nah, would rather dress more casually. But alas, my industry calls for a dress-standard and after 17 years I just accept it.

Oh yeah Ry...I rarely think of work when I'm there...🤣😉🙈

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You do your work well so I don't think anyone cares XD

Hope so...🤷🏽‍♂️ They haven't fired me so maybe that's true. 😃

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Good..go ahead

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Yes, I think I'll take your advice. Thank you for taking the time to offer your perspective.

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I love the sport too. I haven’t shot anything in over 2 years! Depressing really. But not many opportunity in Germany since Hitler banned guns back in the day. Like the beetle, Bayer aspirin, the Autobahn it’s one of his lasting legacies here. Anyway, those distances are insane. As a scout you would think we would have had more training at those distances m, but I guess that’s why we had sniper teams. I feel comfortable at about 300 meters. Did. I did feel comfortable. So out of practice, it’s a shame. I will be participating in this #whereonwednesday next week as this week I am doing a #wednesdaywalk being as I am actually going to the city here shortly.

It was nice to picture you in your office though, sucker! 😂😂😂 probably at home by now relaxing on the couch. I am sitting in a waiting room with boots, jeans, flannel reading awesome posts like yours!

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Why don't you live next to door to me man - Ah the hijinks we'd get up to...Yeah, sniper-teams are specialists as you know. Like @mattclarke alluded to in another comment, each element of a military unit has its purpose and specific equipment.

Fucking Hitler - That bastard ruined a lot of people's fun huh? Asshole. Don't worry, when you move in next door to me we can shoot all the time.

So yeah, I'm at a friend's cafe, shorts and t-shirt on enjoying a burger writing a post for Friday. Suit is off and work is just a painful memory...Until tomorrow.

Have a bonza day cobber. (A bit of Aussie lingo for ya there.)

so weird how hitler banned guns but youd expect it was like the EU? lol funny i guess cuz hitler invented that too lol. Hamburger Report and Alex Gornes said so

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