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I hope you find excellent friends, I hope you like my content today that will be based on the soccer stadium called Estadio Doroteo Guamuch Flores, which is located in Guatemala.


The Doroteo Guamuch Flores National Stadium is a sports venue located in Guatemala City in Guatemala. Its address is 10 avenue in zone 5. It is the largest stadium in Guatemala and the seventh in Central America. Its official capacity was 50 000 spectators, but when seats were placed in all its sectors the capacity was reduced to 26 000. The seating area is divided into five sections: Palco (located in the West and the only section with a roof); Tribune (West that surrounds the Box); Preference (East); General North (North) and General South (to the South, where the main entrance is). The grass is surrounded by an eight-lane running track, which was initially made of sand. It was subsequently remodeled to have a synthetic tartan track. It was built in 1948 in the Government of Juan José Arévalo, to host the Central American and Caribbean Games in 1950. Originally called «National Olympic Stadium of the Revolution», it was renamed in honor of the long distance runner Mateo Flores, (1922 -2011), winner of the Boston Marathon1 in 1952.

It is mainly used for football matches; The stadium has hosted most of the home matches of the National Soccer Team throughout its history. The place is operated by the Autonomous Sports Confederation of Guatemala (CDAG).


The stadium was built in 1948.2 as part of the project to build a group of sports facilities known as the Olympic City, in Zone 5 of the Guatemalan capital. The engineer Juan de Dios Aguilar de León was the professional who directed the work of the National Stadium and the Olympic City, the first had a total cost of Q 1 500 000 and the Olympic City cost Q582,418.00. Originally called «National Stadium of the Revolution», it was built of reinforced concrete, which is why it is sometimes colloquially called "Concrete Colossus". "Today, February 25, 1950, in the presence of illustrious visitors of friendly towns and delegates to the IV Central American and Caribbean Games, I declare these Games solemnly inaugurated, for the sake of sport, freternity of the Peoples and greatness of America." These were the first words of President Juan José Arévalo Bermejo at the time of inauguration of the VI Central American and Caribbean Games, in which the local runner Doroteo (Mateo) Flores won the half marathon. In 1951, the stadium was the scene of the inauguration of President Jacobo Árbenz Guzmán, marking the first time since 1892, when a Guatemalan president handed over power to his popularly elected successor.

After Doroteo Guamuch Flores triumphed in the Boston Marathon in 1952, and that the revolutionary government of Colonel Jacobo Árbenz Guzmán was overthrown in 1954, the Guatemalan government changed the name of the stadium, in recognition of its national and international achievements. Note Since then, the stadium is also colloquially called «The Matthew».


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