Manuel Murillo Toro Stadium

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My greetings to all of you on this day and I hope you are well at this time that I will share my publication and enjoy it to the fullest, in this publication I will tell you about another football stadium in Colombia called Manuel Murillo Toro Stadium


The Manuel Murillo Toro Stadium is a sports venue, located in commune number 10, in the south of the Colombian city
of Ibagué, capital of the department of Tolima, just 3.6 kilometers from the Financial District of that City. With its latest renovations and expansions, the stadium can accommodate 28 200 people.

In the stadium, whose main use is for football, Tolima Sports plays, a team of the Colombian First A Category. He is known for being the stadium where the Brazilian player "Ronaldo" played the last game of his professional career on February 2, 2011 with Corinthians against Tolima Sports for the Copa Libertadores 2011.

He allowed the Atlético Huila team in the 2018 Apertura Tournament to be a few local matches.

It was the headquarters of the Cooperamos Tolima team in the First C Category from 1994 to 1995-96 and the First B Category from 1996-975 to 20006.


They were years of campaigns, meetings and activities to make a yearning for Ibaguereños and Tolimans come true; Although the department still did not have a professional squad, the idea of ​​the creation of the team gave a greater boost to the project.

The newspaper El Comercio, in June 23, 1951 edition, records the great "Pro-stadium Week", an event that took place between June 28 and July 8 of that year, with sportsmen's parades, sports days and the great meeting between the professional teams Millonarios and Atlético Bucaramanga.

In a friendly meeting conducted by the Sports Quindío (professional) and Boca Junior (amateur) teams of Ibagué on January 19, 1955, it was determined to perform the work when the famous Military Civil Chief César Augusto Cuéllar touched on the famous Belen court Velandia witness the meeting for almost two hours of feet, moment that Humberto González Ruiz took advantage of to suggest to the president the need for a stadium for Ibagué.

The Diario la Ëpoca, directed by Adriano Tribin Piedrahíta, in its 105th edition of October 12, 1954 records a meeting of personalities, led by Governor César Cuéllar Velandia, Mayor Lisímaco Parra Bernal, the secretary of works Bernardo Tello and sports leaders , according to the newspaper, to define the site where the Stadium would be built.

According to the note, the Government of Tolima contributed 10 thousand pesos and 7 thousand that were in the hands of Nicolás Rivera, treasurer and great promoter of the Pro-stadium campaign.

It was built in the year on July 20, 1955 in a record time of 55 days under the name of Gustavo Rojas Pinilla stadium in a lot donated by the citizen Serrano de Ávila. Its initial capacity was 3000 spectators and the inaugural match between Deportes Tolima and Boca Juniors of Cali held on July 20, 1955 ended with victory of the visiting team Boca Juniors of Cali by 3-2.

It was listed as one of the most original stadiums in the country for not having protective mesh for fans; In addition to being the first to have tunnels straight to the court.

Thus, since 2000, a total reconstruction has been carried out in the regulations and modernization required by FIFA, in which the governorate, the City Hall, Coldeportes and Gabriel Camargo Salamanca have contributed to achieve this meritorious goal. In the last remodeling, the adequacy of dressing rooms, technical benches, lighting and the expansion of the northern stand was carried out.