Join My EPL Fantasy League For the 2019/20 Season

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Hi Jessports fans

While the football season is starting to kick off preseason with many of the club teams having games this week I decided to register my fantasy team for the upcoming season. If you are a follower of the English Premier League you'll know all about it and if not you can join up here.

How it works

You have 100 points to spend on creating your own team with players you think will perform the best this season. You are free to change your team each week and try to maximize your points.

Here is my team for the starting season

It wasn't easy to spend that 100 points and get a balanced team but I think I did an Okay job my team will rely heaily on gaol scoring more than defending for points as you can tell, with most of my points going to attack-minded players.

Screenshot 2019-07-07 at 00.42.07.png

My Starting line up will be a 3 4 3 formation since im looking to maximise on attackers earning me points.

  • GK: Allision (Liverpool)

  • RCB - Robertson (Liverpool)
  • CB - Laporte (Manchester City)
  • LCB - Ake (Bournemouth)

  • RM - Salah (Liverpool)
  • CM - Neves (Wolves)
  • CM - Romeu (Southampton)
  • LM - Fraser (Bournemouth)

  • RS - Vardy (Leicester)
  • ST - Jimenez (Wolves)
  • LS - Aubamayang (Arsenal)

Join in the fun

If you managed to create a team you can join my league using the code below.

  • Simply click on the league tab
  • Join league
  • Join a private league
  • and enter the code below

Code to join this league: 26qb2d

  • and you should be added to my league.

Let me know if you've joined by leaving a comment with your team's name or a screenshot of your team. I thought it would be a good spot of fun and banter every week, keen to see how many steemian football fans there are out there.

Have your say

What do you think of my team picks? Who do you rate? Who do you hate?

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I'm in with MarchingOnTogether !! Thanks for doing this mate :-)

LOL how you found this post now is beyond me! But thanks for joining! Looking forward to putting my wits against you and the banter that will surly come from it


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@abh12345 or his .sports equivalent mentioned it in his reminder for everyone to make sure they have got their teams in!
Like him, I now have the same team ( consisting of all ex Leeds players + a few who should come and play for us!) in three leagues so it's going to be great fun and hopefully generate some excitement and banter here as let's face it, it's turned into a cesspool!

In case you hadn't spotted on the profile or my posts, its @nathen007 :-)

Here are your ENGAGE tokens!

To view or trade ENGAGE go to

Joining this one too under the team name Steem United.

Nice! Thanks for joining! Keen to see where we all lie after game week 1

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