José Mourinho will be the new Tottenham coach after he said years ago that he would never lead them

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José Mourinho will be the new Tottenham coach, something he didn't have at least until four years ago. And it is that the Portuguese, especially for his past in Chelsea (which he trained in two different stages), did not want to be his coach in his day.

In 2007, when he left Chelsea, Daniel Levy proposed to train the Spurs, although the approach was short-lived due to the refusal of the Portuguese, who had just left Stamford Bridge. However, the coach unveiled later that the reasons for which there were no negotiations is because his contract with Chelsea prohibited him from taking over an English team during the two years following his departure: "He could not go. He could not train in England for two years. "

But in 2015 he returned to live another episode of rejection to what is now his new club, after his second stage in London and before taking the reins of Manchester United. And it is that Mourinho recognized that he would never direct Tottenham for love of Chelsea and out of respect for his followers: "I could not take the job because I love Chelsea and its followers too much." It seems that things have changed.


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