Parkour Wrokout and Training

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Hey guys!
How are you doing?

It is fascinating to see parkour, how they move, climb, jump, roll and do different things. Well, I'm not a parkour expert, I am a fan. Although you learn how to jump, roll and climb in your martial art training, that's for self defense perspective.

So what is parkour anyway?

The activity or sport of moving rapidly through an area, typically in an urban environment, negotiating obstacles by running, jumping, and climbing.

Maybe you see something like that in movies. People run, jump from one spot to another, roll, and climb. Let's watch this video.

Isn't it awesome?

Doing something like this, they spend a lot of time on training on a regular basis. In this video, you see she did everything perfectly. But when she did that, not every attempt was successful. She had to try that again and agian. It shows how passionate she is and how much she loves parkour. I respect that.

You have to do workout to stay fit and healthy, no matter which sport you do. You will find a lot of exercises are common. We all do that regardless of what we do. Let's watch the parkour workout and training video.

While watching this video, you may say to yourself, hey, I also do that exercise. Cool! Keep watching the video till the end. Before doing any sports training, you should do warm up. Then you will be ready for training. It looks amazing how they jump from one wall to another wall, roll and climb.

Sometimes they fail to land on the right spot. That does not stop them trying again. If you carefully watch this video from 3:15 minutes, you will see that she fails several times.

Do you know how many times she trid to do that same thing and finally did it successfully?
8 times.

It is inspiring to see that. If you really love something , nothing is going to stop you from doing that over and over. That's the spirit. When you give your best shot, you will surely do that sooner or later .

Thank you so mcuh for reading this and watching the video. Please feel free to express your thoughts in the comment section. Take care. See you around!

Source: Video 1 and 2

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@rezoanulvibes hello dear friend, this is one of the activities that have increased most in the last times, without a doubt these videos are inspiring, their skills are admirable.
You are right, like every area of life, it is trial and error and every fall is a new opportunity to get up, as children we are used to doing it, nobody was born walking and after much practice we did it.
Thank you very much for showing us all this information
I wish you a beautiful Sunday

Agree with you. A child falls many times before learning how to walk. Just wondering if we stopped trying to walk when we fell down, would we be able to walk or run now?

Having that attitude to achieve your goals makes the world of difference. Thanks a lot @jlufer for your reading this and giving your feedback!

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