Liverpool takes on Arsenal, my Prediction.

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Arsenal will be taking on Liverpool today to prove how they can hold up against the people's favorites who have been on form for a long time.
Liverpool have gone unbeaten in the last 8 games against Arsenal which ofcourse would make any one conclude inspite of Arsenal's changes in it's squad. Arsenal will with most of their finest with Aubemayeng and Ceballos starting as Lacazette waits on bench. Nicholas Pepe will have his very first match againts Liverpool which makes Arsenal fans excited, Lucas Torreira and Matteo Guendouzi would give Liverpool a hard time.

On the other hand Liverpool has not made so many changes since they have played quite a few more games with few changes on their squad. Keita will rest due to the slight injury. Sadio Mane is again yet to prove that he is indeed at his peak in Liverpool. He has grown to be one of liverpool's best players.

The recent encouters between these two rivals have always ended with a good number of goals. The recent matches ending in 3-1,4-0,5-1 in favour of liverpool, though the Liverpool defence seems shaky due to recent match against Southampton and its likely that Arsenal wil try to captalize on this. We hope Arsenal to suprise us this time.

My prediction is a 3-1 for liverpool. Arsenal might put up a good fight but they may not be able to pull out a win from the Champion league title holders.


Arsenal 2 Liverpool 1

I agree!

Put your money where you can see @wanasoloben, I hope Arsenal to play a very good game and they might as well pull out a draw.

Liverpool won