I am referee3, and I am running to continue being a SportsTalkSocial Referee.

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I don't like plagiarising, I don't like cheaters.

I don't mind actifit posts, I think dlike posts are next-to-worthless.

My main account is @ericwilson

My main sports account is @nukeyoursports where I offer bounties of people that plagiarize so that members can monetize their downvote and help the platform. I don't need the money, any rewards for this post will be sent to null and anything I make on @nukeyoursports will be used to downvote garbage.

I created @basedtoken and am working on a platform that utilizes Steem Engine to have a multi-platform tipping token.

I am not good at posts, I am much better live (I stream nearly daily on Vimm.Tv/ericwilson, twitch.tv/ericwilson, mixer.com/ericwilson, dlive.tv/ericwilson and sliver.tv/ericwilson8), feel free to swing by anytime to chat about anything.

And I am MUCH better at downvoting cheaters, being fair, and wanting this platform to succeed.

To vote for me, please go to https://referee.sportstalk.social/


The key message of the post is quite appealing - sounds you would indeed take care of fighting abuse.

The difficulty of getting the token is a large influence of the price.

It is important that it is difficult to get them through cheating.

Thank you for your support.

the ones running not saying who they are wouldn't get my vote that's for damn sure
Fact he's burning to Null says more about him then when I see stuff that makes this platform at times feel like you're getting a colonic (not that I've had one) :P

So you think he is a good option :-)? @scarletreign - where is your nomination?

I just dropped a post shows what I op/ed feel of all this, I think the abuse is not as god awful as people make it out at this point and honestly is to get people to stake and invest more for a 'spot'. At this point am seeing more cohesive action from individuals in the community then most of the ref action the last couple months . :)
also, I think it should be volunteer, transparent and rewards of up to 5 million sports a month burned to null instead of having trillions of tokens :)
hope you are well my friend

self uv when I feel like it and it's your right too, now if you do a shit load and lots of alts, not my bag of tea but also feeling this place is morphing right back into Steemit or even worse Scorum.
shrugs, I like the places I just invest and don't ever even attempt to be "community". Way less of a headache and probably why I still think this crap that fiat and crypto are SO different are two sides same coin backed by a lot of the same big players. :)
cheers and hugs

It's a very good initiative taken by you and thank you for this on behalf of all the minnows in the platform.

It will help us to get motivated to create unique and quality content for the platform.

It is important for us do due so.

Amen , a second running comes forward. Totally not surprised it's you Sir Wilson. Good on you, see who else running now does it, imho at least by the end of the month when elections happen if people aren't willing to be transparent then there is no NDA to stop some of us from being transparent.

Thank you, I am trying.

Yes this message is really important but how can I reach out to you

You can dm me at ericwilson#1388 on discord.

I fully support with this. Thanks for the courage to reveal your identity. More power @ericwilson. You got my vote.

Thank you very much!

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