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RE: Prediction of sports games and matches created by patrickulrich as at Tue, 31 Dec 2019 22:57:28 GMT

I don't know how predict basketball tho but I'll learn in the process


I'm not going to say I'm good at predictions but I think it's a cool app that @gotgame has made. I think it'll be even better when we see even more people using it and it gets more competitive for the voting power.

By the way Happy New Year!

Are you trying to figure out how to make your first prediction @crownbee? If so just go to SportsPredictSocial and sign in there. You can use Steem Keychain or SteemWallet from mobile to sign in without using your keys directly or you can sign in with your posting key if you'd prefer to do it that way.

Once you've signed into the site then you just need to go to your 'Dashboard' to compile your predictions. Just scroll through the list of games that are happening tomorrow and then select the predictions that are available. You'll first click the game and then a new set of boxes will come out for predictions that are available.


Once you've made the predictions you feel comfortable with scroll up and go to 'View Ticket'. This is where you'll be able to confirm your predictions are correct and delete anything you change your mind on. Then add some comments in the text box about the upcoming game and why you think the games are going to go the way you think.


Finally just go to the bottom of the page and click 'Create Ticket' to finalize your submissions. From there you just wait and @sportspredict will upvote once it's ready to process the days predictions.