100,000 SPORTS staked and some thoughts on sportstalksocial.com

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Along with this milestone, I'd like to discuss a couple of topics that will likely have a large say in the successful future of sportstalksocial.com.

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100,000 Staked - 99% purchased

Earlier today, I bought yet another batch of SPORTS from the market on steem-engine.com to bring my current staked SPORTS tokens to just over 100,000.

This will be my 8th post tagged #sportstalk and as yet, I have not received a reward for authoring and the cost of investing into SPORTS has totaled about 600 STEEM.

My reasons for the investment into this token/tribe, which has totaled much more STEEM than any of the other tokens available on steem-engine.com is because I am a sports fan, both as a participant and a viewer.

I see sport, with its huge interest globally, as being an excellent vehicle to help mainstream cryptocurrency (as do Litecoin), and with an interest in both, sportstalksocial.com appeals to me very much.

I hope that together we can make this tribe/community one of the best places to discuss sport, and in order to do that we need to work together to both distribute the token and strive for a high standard of content.


Four days ago, token distribution looked like this:


And I suspect that if @holger80 was to run the numbers again we would see that the SPORTS Whale accounts hold an even larger percentage of the total SPORTS staked.

Looking at the other tribes on @holger80's list, SPORTS is does not have the most worrying distribution, but it also does not have the most appealing.

It has long been discussed that with STEEM, the initial token distribution has caused problems, and over 3 years into the project, distribution is allegedly only now starting to take place in any meaningful way.

At sportstalksocial.com and other sites that have been born out of scotbot / steem-engine / condenser, the rewards are split 50/50 between the author and the curator. With this in place, as long as our larger token holders act honestly and unselfishly, distribution should steadily take place - far quicker than what we have seen with STEEM.

And it is one item in particular that will help aid distribution, attract new investors, creators, and viewers to the tribe - content.


This post is of course my own thoughts and feelings, and I just want to make that clear before I start talking about content.

In brief, content is subjective and what one person enjoys may be totally unappealing to others.

Personally, the topic/sport is not a big deal to me. If I see a piece of well-written content that shows effort has been made then I would seek to reward that work. If a news article is shared, I would be far more likely to reward the author if they had put reasonable effort into expanding the piece, sharing their own thoughts and opinions on the matter.

Actifit content, which has been given negative press on some tribes, is content I do think has a place under the #sportstalk tag, but I am far more likely to reward the content if additional text and imagery has been added to the post.

The Trending page is most likely the first page a new community member or browser will see. It is the communities responsibility to try and make this page present the best articles on sportstalksocial.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to discuss the above topics, as well as such items as sourcing images and downvoting content :)




The only problem I see is there isn't much original content. There are a couple of users milking the system and adding very little value for what they are self voting now. A Dlike post with a paragraph shouldn't be getting 60 000 tokens. We all know who they are and maybe it is time to start down voting the crap.

Constructive comments and posts are always welcome. Yes, there's a lot of abuse going on right now.

There is, and I have started downvoting the obvious 'comment farming'


And what will we do when an investor with 5 million token will come and will do a downote?

There will be enough of us as a community to help and it wont happen. If it does and it is justified then great. If it isn't then the community fights as one as that is what communities do. If we don't look after this place the token price will be worthless.

Nice one on the Holgor list, I have been looking for a comprehensive one.., where is it all gonna end? I haven't seen this much activity on the STEEM blockchain since I started.

He's the man for SCOT dev, analytics, and data and I think a very worth witness right now.

The tribes have really brought the place back to life eh :)

The tribes have really brought the place back to life eh :)

They have..., so many I cant keep up with em.. every day I find more tokens in my wallet.

and I think a very worth witness right now.

I have a couple of spots free, now about those chops tokens? ;)

heh :)

Bribery might get you somewhere!

Simply amazing, you are a whale in multiple ponds. I know you'll curate well with this newly-found upvoting strength!

Let's see how we go, thanks!

Made a small investment too. Powering up 100% all my rewards for the first months :) In this for the long term

Good stuff. The rewards are liquid and so I think an early staking to show you are keen makes sense.

I will spend some steem to buy Sports like you do. Thanks for inspiration. Regards

Good luck on your buys :)

I have a question for you ... what do you think about the number of tokens created? aren't they too many?

I also thought so! 1 Trillion is many but then I hope there will be ways to burn the supply and bring it down. Actually the promoted tab is for that purpose.

Agreed. I think i will start to promote the best posts of others that I see.

Imagine if 1000 post were promoted using 1000 SPORTS tokens every day? That would mean 1000000 SPORTS tokens being burnt each day. It would significantly bring the supply down :) Which would actually be great. But then I am just imagining

There are a lot of tokens and I certainly wouldn't strongly support buying/selling to anyone else :)

Congratulations on your massive staking. You should have been a vampire Hunter!!

I chucked in another 10K which brings me to shoot 40K sports in total I think.

I'm a believer!

Cheers @spamfarmer! Vampire - stake? I see what you done there!

The price looks a bit unstable and could well make SPORTS cheaper for the time being. Vampire up a few more I may :)

Its unstable as feck!! Here is hoping it calms down soon although it does seem to have evened out a bit!


You're going about things the right way, that's for sure. An investor who actually stakes, creates interesting content, and also curates. More of that kind of thing, please, people!

I agree about wanting to stick around due to having a strong interest in sports. Steemit felt a bit forced for me at times. I never really knew what to write about. Here, I can just be myself and if others like what I create, that's cool!

Cheers @philnewton

I agree that when writing on steemit I do struggle to escape the topic of Steem and think that the majority of people reading wouldn't really care about how Ole Gunnar will fair this season.

Writing on a new account for a new tribe takes the pressure off and I feel more relaxed in writing about the topic relating to the tribe. Cheers!

I really hope those with the big accumulation play fair over the long run, from what I have seen from you so far, you set a great example. I've seen one particular account that is really milking the reward pool for doing very little with the posts - virtually no original content. I am just one user and as I am new here, I am not going to name names and get involved with that. I'd like to see someone with a much longer and deeper reputation perhaps say something.

Yes I have seen examples of this behavior too. It is tough at any point to start managing a community you are a part of and I think it should be no single users job - we all have a part in making STS succeed or fail.

Perhaps the moderation team, once finalized, will have some input here.

One thing I was wondering is that bearing in mind after day 4, a post cannot be upvoted and only downvoted, a level of value for a post can be assessed and the pending rewards adjusted to be more in line with what is considered fair for this content.

If you have any ideas on this feel free to post/tag me or respond here. Have a nice weekend :)

Unbelievable! I thought a majority of the people are being upvoted by others. Congratulations and I can see you passion on sports!!

Thanks very much - sport makes me happy :D

Excellent review @abh12345.sports and I congratulate you on your achievement in 100000 SPORTS. I consider the distribution of a 50/50 reward to be a big advantage on Sportstalksocial and those like him, this is a great incentive for supporting curators and for those who receive our support!

Thank you @serkagan

50/50 seems to be working well for the SCOT tribes and should certainly aid distribution. Time will tell!

Salisbury 5.50 dubai souq

I'll be checking in.

The shorty was unplaced the other day but the newcomer in the 7:45 ran well in 2nd and finished 11/1.

Congrats brotha!

May I ask something, I have a hard time understanding how is the staked/vote ratio so crazy high? And will it get lower with time=?

Thank you in advance!

Cheers fella!

I'm not 100% clear on the math and so just rolling with it for now but I do expect these values to drop as activity levels increase.

That makes sense to me, more people use/stake/vote the lower will votes/rewards get. I suppose:) Time to grind, I've been a good boy past few days:) Cheers brotha!

Grind away :)

Standard is 'OK' here and I think putting some effort into content should earn some decent payouts on #sportstalk at present.

I just earned my first reward but i wonder why my 2nd post was drain to zero after the payout.

I am not that techy but I noticed that rewards are dropping at fast phase every now and then. Any idea?

hmm, I dont see a zero payout in your feed? https://www.sportstalksocial.com/@juvyjabian

The price is quite unstable at present on steem-engine and I think this has a part to play. Plus there is more stake distributing the pool and I think this is also a factor, but I am not certain.

Heavy holders have the key to the success of this platform. Much of you discussed here, I totally agree with.

They really are.

Steem lost the integrity of the Whales, and has spent years in trouble partly because of this.

We need to use our 'free' downvote each day and people need to adjust their mindset that the reward is not theirs until payout.

So, how do you plan to use downvote? To what kind of post? I have never done downvoting before. Any advices?

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I will write a post and ask for community feedback.

I will write a post and ask for community feedback.

That is a good idea. Thanks!

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I totally agree. SPORTS is starting to attract users and we need to keep talking about it so that other users can join the tribe ... I agree with the supply, which is currently a bit high. on this topic I look forward to more details maybe from the developers. there will be a specific reason

Supply is high, and i think that the developers will plan to reduce this via sinks in the future, perhaps via promotion to NULL for example.

Excellent, everything said - but for now I see that small fish vote. Where are the big players? I saw high-quality posts about sports - many voices but very small / we need high-quality statistics on sportstalococial. little time has passed - I will watch!

Yes more statistics would be good. Thank for stopping by :)

I am always glad to communicate - especially I am also going to develop this area / I have a question - have you created a separate account for voting sport leo pal ?

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You wrote it very well. I have to work on the doss myself.(dlike post) Generally, I want my Polish community to join the sportstalk and create the # sportstalk-polish tag. Is it good idea?

That sounds like a good idea to me, thanks!

Congratulations @abh12345.sports!
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I wish you make the first step in making a community of sports fans in here. Like promoting variety of sports via local languages, initiatives like best engagements in a form of commenting and so on. I will be happy to see that. 😁

Thank you. Everyone can help :D

Congratulations brother

Thank you :)

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Hi @adem3455

I also want everyone to do well here, but I don't think that upvoting your own 6 worded comment is the right way to go about this.

For this reason I am removing some of the pending reward for the following:

I like this. Elegant and straight-forward.
(and no, I won't upvote my own seven-word comment)

I think it is fair to give a reason for the downvote, even though the receiver is likely very aware of this!