Any Horse Racing Fans on SportsTalkSocial?

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No posts yet tagged with #horseracing and so this one could well sink like a stone - are there any horse racing fans here?

I first started getting into Horse Racing in the early 2000's. My work gave me lots of free time and allowed me to pull up the website most mornings to check on the days meetings and races, and I soon got into studying the form to give me more confidence when trying to pick a winner.

In the afternoon I would listen to where they gave live commentary of the races, gave selections, and also took tips from the people like me listening in. By this time, Flutter had been bought out by Betfair and the ability to back and lay a horse, as well as the amplified odds on offer meant I did most of my betting on this site.

Learning to Hedge bets and having some of those come off in style was really good fun. Often I would have a few pounds on outsiders and if the odds had shortened up in the afternoon prior to the race, I could then lay, or hedge the bet and win a little no matter the result.

Biggest Win

A horse called Littleton Zypher dotted up off a light weight in a race where he had form against the odds on favourite in a previous race. I could not understand the 4/6 for the favourite, whilst my pick was as high at 140/1 on the exchange. That morning I sent williamhillradio an email stating that I liked the chances of this horse, but it wasn't until after the race than one of the guys in the studio stated 'oh we had an email for that one earlier on in the day'. I earned a months wage with less than 10 pounds and was pretty chuffed about picking such a big price based on form lines.

Biggest Miss

Has to be Kicking King in the in the 2005 Cheltenham Gold Cup. Kicking King had won three of his last four races and was the talked up horse for the race in the months prior. Suddenly a report came out just a few weeks before the race that he had gotten sick and was unlikely to run. Those with antepost bets were likely to lose their bet and the same would be true for those betting in advance on Betfair. I checked the market on Betfair around the time of the news and the odds had been pushed out to 1000 , or 999/1 - the largest odds (at the time and I think now) for a single selection in a market. I had a few pounds in my account that day, and looked at the price thinking 'well if it's not running, I'm not going to waste a few quid', and didn't put a penny on at that point.

A week or so later the horse was cleared of illness/injury, and the following week romped home at odds of 11/10. Damn!

Biggest Loss

Ha! I'm not telling :) Actually, I'm not sure, and it is probably most appropriate to say that racing days out at the course can put the biggest hole in your pocket. At 20/30/40 pounds to get in, the travel there and back, 5/6 pounds a beer, expensive 'food', and of course your bets, a day at the races can turn out pretty expensive.

I have been to 3 Grand Nationals and the Guineas day at Newmarket, and also visited courses like Chester, Haydock, Nottingham, Kempton, and York for days out with friends. If the sun is out and it's not cold, they are excellent events - if it is cold,you are not dressed properly, and your bets keep losing, then it can be pretty miserable. Overall I think I've had more of the former than the latter.

Favourite Horse

I have a few that have done me some decent favours in the past but in my eyes there is one flat horse that is yet to be surpassed. I can't remember ever placing a bet on this horse as the odds were too short after his first or second win, but those who did bet each and every time he ran would never be disappointed.

Fourteen races, fourteen wins: Frankel The 'Wonder Horse'

As I was writing this post, I had a look to see if I could find a few examples of his dominance, and saw that some kind soul has compiled all of his victories into an 8 minute clip.

Frankel never looked like losing any of those races, what a nag!

These days I hardly ever have a gamble but do watch and listen to the main meetings of the year, flat and jumps. My friends however are still at it (they have more 'spare' money to throw away I guess) and have a whatsapp group to share the tips around.

This group pay a 'professional tipster' to send them selections and over the 3/4 years they have been following, the tipster is close to 100 points up which is pretty excellent. There is a tip for today, and I will occasionally (without telling them of course!) pass these selections on.

Saltie Girl - Ayr - 5:00pm (6pm CET)

The tipster has also given a horse for the St Ledger on the 14th September - Constantinople at around 25/1.

Good luck if you have a dabble, don't shoot the messenger if a leg falls off, etc, etc :)

I'd like to know if anyone else is keen on the horses and has any cool stories to tell. If not, then this could be my last post on the topic and I'll have to resort to complaining about Manchester United.



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I watch a bit of it. I tend to follow the big meetings rather than everyday racing. I love Cheltenham and galway races. Take the week off every year to go to the galway meet.

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Ah yeah, I think I remember you mentioning that week off with the boys in the past. It is more the big meetings for me too now - helps me away from the betting sites this way :)

Ya I've probably posted from the races in the past. It's a great week in galway and we do it every year. And we'll do it again this year I'm sure.

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Here's the man I was thinking of :-) and don't you owe us a Hurling post please mate?

Probably, but I've just spend the week in lahinch at the irish golf open and now have a week long trad festival in my home town so it's all fun and nights out right now.

No time for writing.
It's a tough life.

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Irish Open , Miltown and Galways races. You have some life boy! ; - D

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Only horse race i ever went to was to watch Black Caviar (won 25 times in a row retired undefeated) i think the odds where if you paid a $1.00 you got back $1.01 or something silly like that. i did win and decided to keep the ticket instead of claiming my winnings as a souvenir. hmm wonder where i put it might see if i can still cash it in:)

Top sprinter, also ran in UK and took a big race at Ascot a few years ago. She is Timeform's top rated sprinter I think.

I remember the name. As leedunited said she came over here and beat our lot quite convincingly if I remember correctly.

Nice touch on keeping the ticket #ballin :D

Hell yes. I wrote a post about Nashwan last week along similar lines to this except not as good of course lol

Like you, I follow more than bet these days but was hoping to set up some antepost action for the big races here, maybe using dpoll if I can constantly update it.

I am waiting for someone to set up a Blockchain Betfair. It would be ideal for peer to peer markets if it was fast enough and could handle the last minute rush.

Isn't one of the guys here Irish? He MUST be into racing unless he has revoked his citizenship?

Pontefract is my local course but never won a race there. That last rising 1f home straight has always been a favourite killer but those evening summer meetings are sublime. A better night out it's impossible to have.

Ahh right, did you use the tag or do they disappear after a week or so?

Would be cool to have a few people throwing tips around each week, even better if they don't turn out to be duds all the time!

I invested in Wagerr's ICO, but have since sold. That one looks promising and is peer-to-peer blockchain betting. Last time I looked it wasn't all there - needs to be as easy as Betfair and at the time I looked you had to move coins around like a nerd.

You must mean Niall :) and lol

Evening meeting in the sunshine followed by a night on the town - that is what I'm talking about!

You have @blanchy as well who is irish and into sports.

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Excellent review @abh12345.sports, horse racing has always attracted me with its beauty and grace!

Thanks very much. The sport can ooze beauty and grace at times that is for sure!

I bet on it almost everyday but defo not a fan. Dont consider it a sport and rigged to the bone. If the odd winners hapoened in any other field there would be palimental meetings but here its all good. I now pick them as i do the lottery just numbers to me. About 6 months ago got my lil boy to pick a color 100/1 and yep it won lol nade him pick for 3 weeks straight not had one since. If me you and Usain bolt were in a race and both of us were in high heels and beat bolt at 30/1 what would happen? The world would stop but this happens daily rigged i tell ya rigged

Rigged at times yeah most likely - Cricket, Football, etc, also.

Not sure I could bet on/watch sports that i wasn't a fan of and would probably day trade if I needed a fix.

Typically beginners luck from your lad :)

Not sure we could beat bolt, even if he was in heels and I was on my bike!

I do sports betting and make money from that. Horse racing is just gambling just like trading to be fair. Yesterday btc went up by $500 in 15 mins and $44mil was lost says it all someone needs to lose for someone to win. Agree all sports are fixed to a degree but racing everyday. Years ago had mate who chatted to a jocket that was pissed at a wedding of his next 3 races lose 2nd win happened just like that made a good wack off that. Should have sold story to papers not that give a shit probaby in it themselves. Moral of the story hang about at weddings and get people pissed lol Information is power

hello I made my first post on sportstalksocial maybe you can tell me if it can be interesting ... anyway I love horses and I have a purebred Arab but I don't go to the races for a long time ...

Have a look around and follow the best authors :) Welcome!

  ·  last year (edited)

I personally love and enjoy most of the sports including horse racing. Don't really have a cool story on horses though :)

do you wear a sill hat when you are there?

I like gambling so I think I would hav fun there

Oh hell no! I like the more casual meetings.

Gambling, beer, and ladies - what's not to like!

I've been meaning to check for a couple days but have always put it off. Did your tip pay off?

I love horse racing and definitely hope to see more posts here! I was really hoping we'd see a lot of activity with prerace predictions and tips like you shared above. My buddy @jasontruett is a trained jockey and even has a win under his belt though he doesn't actively ride much now. I'm really hoping this helps bring him in here more! ;) ;)

The tip ran the day prior! 🙈😂 And lost so i'm glad!

Constantinople in the Ledger is one that was given months in advance at 25's, not sure of the current price.

Folks like @blanchy have an interest in racing too, and we spoke about the sort of content that would be acceptable, or not.

I guess if someone had a few tips for the day, if they covered the background of the race and gave reasons as to the selection (and not just name/price/time) then this content, although not evergreen in the slightest, would be acceptable for a post?

Followed Jason but see he's not been tempted into a #sportstalk post yet! :)

Good to see a sport racing fan here. Though l have limited my interest in horse racing bet back in the days, l still have good memory of it.

Cheers! Yes I am the same as far as betting is concerned (less cash than I used to have) but I do enjoy watching still, and maybe I could get back into having the occasional flutter :)

Live very close to Coolmore Stud here so regularly get tips from some of the staff and so do quite well from it . Any funds I have invested in Steem have come off the back of horse tips. I did post my tips on Scorum but I got flagged as a shit post and that was the end of that. It was a double tip and the horses were 14/1 and 8/1 . If anyone put a fiver on that double instead of flagging me then they would of won quite a bit of money. I left Scorum shortly after due to the saltiness. But in summary Gambling is fun. Everyone goes on about the dangers but no one tells us of how bloody fun it is when your horse Franklin is romping home.

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Well your tips would be appreciated here - even via discord if you don't feel it's worth a post :)

Damn, 14 and 8s, lovely prices for a double!

Anything lined up for the weekend? I should probably check how the horse mentioned today ran...

LOL. Well the good news is, it didn't win, and the reason for this is that the tip was for yesterday. Oops!

Dubai paradise tomorrow Newmarket 4.05. Poor price but it will win. They are also very confident about 7.45 Newbury Passion and glory. Could be worth e/way double.

Cheers fella, will make a note of those and see what the boys think.

the music has changed even on scorum ... pity not having met you before, maybe bettors have won on Scorum, an Italian facebbok group of sports bets is coming, you can join us, Scorum and Sportstalk can coexist very well, they are two beautiful projects potential, pass by my blog to read today's post, I'll follow you to take some good play ...

Hahaha, scorum is really funny now. There is mass movement of out scorum. Good to see your tips being appreciate here.

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