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RE: Tribe Analysis for the Month – Sportstalk!

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Nice work @dalz!

I suspect the drop in posts coming from the front end are somewhat related to actifit partnering with STS. I post mainly via actifit now to get my afit tokens for the day.

We are having some trouble with alt accounts and farming, and so new users is to be taken with a pinch of salt.

And of course, the token inflation and number of tokens. Personally, I think that the price is due to decline further unless the Crypto market picks up and a lot of new users arrive.

Thanks for this post!


Thanks for the comment!
I wasn't aware about the possibility to post actifit report from STS. Also about new alt accounts farming.
But at least on tribes, you can ban an account easily and they will not show up. The token inflation is very specific for SPORTS :). Not sure why it was designed like that.

As for the price who knows what can happen :) This are so new and small projects, one major player coming in can push it a lot and the opposite.

Have a nice one!

If you post from actifit the sportstalk tag is automatically included :)

Yes it's easier to ban/disable accounts on the tribes and the ones that don't utilize this feature will fail imo.

One of the biggest deficiencies I have found with the Sportstalksocial front end , is the lack of a search function. Currently, it's very difficult to try to search for content based on my favourite player, or team, or anything other than the predetermined tags.

Yeah, at present it's down to how people tag, and they don't tag well.

I think the front ends will look more like the communities front ends when they go live, which will of course solve all our problems :D