My Actifit Report Card: December 22 2019

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It was a busy week for our congregation. We had three visiting kingdom evangelizers, who visited us and trained us on how to handle the word of God a right.

Today marked the end of their visit and at the end of the service, titled "Do you matter to God?" I visited a few friends.

On getting home I decided to make beans and plaintain. The family enjoyed it, for it was delicious.

For all my activities today, I forgot to switch on my activity tracker but this little I got towards the end of my cooking shows that I wasn't passive today. After the eating a took a few minutes walk, just to exercise for the night.

How was your own day? Did you have a busy week like I did? Have a fun filled week ahead.

For now, good night

Daily Activity, House Chores, Walking


This period is actually filled with lots and lots of activities, keeping almost very busy.

Thats very true. Thanks for stopping by

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