My Actifit Report Card: January 2 2020

in #actifit2 years ago

I woke up this morning , first feeling beautiful.

I thank God for creating me on the day he rested. This means that he settled down and created me specially, haha. I wonder why I wasn't named peculiar, lol.

I slept for long and woke up late. Upon waking, I tried a few skips, its been.long I did it. But it was interesting and I hope to continue daily until it gets better.

Quickly I ran to the kitchen to juggle something out as food . I wonder why the kids didn't wake me up for hungry sake.

I have flour at home, sugar and yeast and before you know it, I was already rolling some doughnuts. I fried them and they came out beautiful.

Yummy, wouldn't you say?. This is my activity so far and it has been a blessed morning.

Daily Activity, Rope Skipping, Walking


Even if you weren't named Peculiar, you are indeed peculiar in many dimensions.

Didn't you resume work today?

Haha, dont mind me o. I was just been naughty. But thanks. Am not working yet until Monday. I wish i even get an extension, haha

Enjoy your holidays my sister.

Glad you are posting your activity.
I see that you only did 1k, I missed the 5k sometimes.
Next time push to reach 5k, this is then you steps get count through #actifit
and you will get #afit tokens.
Stay fit!