Losing never felt so GOOD

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I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw us dominate proceedings from the start of the game. By the 30th minute, we had already registered more than 6 attempts and by the 37th minute, we took a well-deserved lead through a corner kick that flicked off Chambers to Auba who headed it in. At the end of that half, we were flying and created chance after chance, and if it wasn't for Lacazette's profligacy, we would have casually been three goals up.


The intensity on show from the get-go was immense and we truly looked exciting. Mesut Ozil has looked like a completely new man and that is down to the fact that he's playing for a manager that knows his strength and gave him positional freedom. Ozil constantly took dangerous positions and orchestrated things in front like the Maestro I know he can be(but really, I thought he was washed up, glad I'm not Director of Football).

Arteta is under no illusion as to the magnitude of work he has to do and I think it is quite unfortunate for your first three games in charge to be against three young managers who also have something to prove but such is the life of a high profile coach. He's got to adapt.

The difference and improvement are as clear as night and day, and despite going down to Tammy Abraham's goal, I feel like, on a different day, things would have gone differently.

I think introducing technology to the game will go a long way in cutting down human errors but from indication, VAR has led to more controversies than solutions. Yesterday, it was actually nonexistent and despite all those refs watching things in the background, Jorginho stayed on that pitch and scored the equalizer. It really hurt but you know what? fuck it, I'm still upbeat.

Only Mustafi left :(

What I picked out from the game was the fact that;

  • We played with more intensity from the start but tailed off in the second half
  • Arteta's system is more draining and players will have to adapt.
  • Injuries has really messed up the defence
  • Guendouzi has a lot of growing up to do.
  • We will miss Xhaka when he eventually leaves
  • We can't depend on Mustafi
  • Leno's only human
  • Improved passing accuracy translates to a reduction in the number of shots our defense faced.
  • Lacazette is lacking confidence.
  • No, seriously, where's Martinelli?
  • Reis Nelson looked impressive but no Pepe, wtf?

There's so much more to come and I can only see us getting better as time goes on. I think we'll struggle against United on Wednesday but eking a win isn't inconceivable. With more drilling and motivation from Arteta, we'll start swatting teams aside. Until we meet again, Up the Arsenal

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Losing in a game for many is painful, but for you it was a total success, right? hahaha I got scared with the title but I understood perfectly :D

Greetings and happy holidays from Venezuela ♡

Thank you. yeah, we lost but we improved some aspects of our game

You make an excellent comment. The game is a strategy and the Premier is won by not winning all the games. If you lose today to win many games then it was worth losing.

Exactly, it was a necessary evil that we must experience

From reading your post it seems although your favored team lost they have made positive progress to move on and play even better. Hence the upbeat feeling. I think any loving fan would be optimistic of their team's success when they see their team's doing better and furthermore they lost due to referee errors, not themselves to blame. Good luck for the team for the rest of the season!

Thank you and yup you're right. We lost and even though I can blame the ref, I also think we can improve further and that's what excites me.

yo diría que perder un partido no es perder el campeonato, para mantener el resultado favorable hay que tener optimismo. Si el árbitro influyó por sus oportunas decisiones no se rindan sigan adelante.

hi dear @arsenal4life, great post :-)) it's nice to know that there are wise fans like you, who appreciate the game, see the improvements and hope that their team can always do better !! I too was once a big fan but then, between the behavior of the ultras and the corruption for the victory, my passion turned into disgust. all the best for you on the new year

I know exactly how you feel and quite frankly, I've flirted with the thought of just dropping the whole thing but you know, the passion binds me.
Sucks that you had to let those ultras and shady officiating get to you, football is fun and a lot more fun when you're rooting for a team.