That's how you win a football match

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Oh glorious football, you're back again. How I've missed you and all the joy you give me. I know, sometimes you cause me pain and I wish you never existed, but that's just me being human. What a treat you served up for us today; we put Fulham to the sword in a composed performance that mirrors the stuff of champions. Is it too soon to say we're contenders? Fuck it, We're Arsenal, of course, we're contenders.



Today we played proper football from attack to defence, and it was such a treat. Everybody from the Goalkeeper to the striker was up to the task today and all I can say is, may it continue for as long as the season today. Signings are supposed to come into a team to plug holes in the squad, and that's exactly what they did today.

After the first scrappy goal from Lacazette put us ahead, the second goal came straight from the transfer window and was made in Brazil. Gabriel is probably still pinching himself, because I know he never thought he'd be scoring his first goal for the club so soon.


Out of everyone on the pitch, my favourite player was Elneny. The Egyptian midfielder put in a 10/10 workhorse-like display in midfield and despite being a little bit too tidy in possession, his defensive contribution was what stood out for me.

It was one of those performances that are easy on the eye and we hope it will continue, but alas, it is a marathon season, and there will be twist and turns. So that's 1 down and 37 more to go in this special season of football, it's up to us to build on this positive start as we face West Ham next week in yet another London Derby. Until we meet again, up the Arsenal

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Elneny - Xhaka midfield was a bit boring, but they did the job, so no complaints. Maybe Arteta went for a safety option, first game, away.

Willian involved in all 3 goals.

Gabriel, after that first mistake, really good for the first game in PL

I liked the setup. Elneny was flat as always but I think that's what we needed in this game. I'd be happier if we can get more composed and assures performances like these.

Also, did you notice how solid the defence was?

Elneny and Xhaka are flat and pretty non creative. but they playing give a bit more strength to defense. also there was an interesting change in formation when attacking. Tierney was playing in the back 3 when defending but when attacking he was a lot in the position as if we were playing back 4 (he was going forward a lot)

Arteta changed the mindset of the team when defending. everyone plays defense, and we are not falling apart like we used to.

Yeah it was really nice to watch us defend so valiantly. The arrangement on the left side is to cater for Auba's attacking need.
When eereyout of position, we operate a back five, with Ainsley dropping deep to join the defenders, while in attack, we basically have two wing backs, but Tierney more central and Ainsley operating on the flank. If you watch Auba's goal against Liverpool and the one he scored yesterday, you'll find that they were identical. Both goals had Tierney and Ainsley overlapping.


It is an interesting tactics that gives us more protection at the back and doesn't reduce our attack

this is literally the same :D

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I predicted Arsenal will make the top 4. They are keeping things simple and effective which is good. Gabriel was a joy to watch and Aubameyang look to score 30+ goals again.

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