Flying or flailing?

in sportstalk •  6 months ago 

I tried a new sport today..


That being the sport of laying over a large gust of perpetual wind whilst you uncontrollably float like a useless plastic bag. At least, at my skill level (that being none) that was my experience.

The professionals however are utterly mind blowing with the kind of stunts they pull during the demos. Stuff like THIS

All this fun happened at iFly in Trafford, Manchester.


It was a brilliant afternoons experience in which I got to feel the breath taking exhilaration of sky diving, without the sky bit. Or the diving bit.


It’s nice and safe and literally anyone could give it a go.

You get 60 seconds per flight - which is apparently 15 seconds longer than when you actually sky dive - which feels quite a long time.

It’s incredible to feel how the air makes your body move and every single tiny movement in your hands or body position will completely affect your movement floating in the air.

It’s a very alien sensation on your whole body and it’s a real attack in the senses.
In a good way.

One amazing moment during the flight was the moment the instructor took me up to do a high dive; which felt like a free-fall mini rollercoaster.


How someone could pluck up the guts throw themselves out of an aeroplane and endure that falling sensation is beyond me..

Still, it was brilliant though.

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That's looks really cool to try

It was ace

Dude this looks like so much fun! I wish stuff like that could happen here also.
I would love to give it a go!
How about the real thing now? A sky dive maybe? ;)

Hell no to a real sky dive!

We have these big attractions that have stuff like this all over. Usually surrounded by fast food and cinemas. There's an indoor ski slope next door. Lucky to have them so close really, but we don't visit them often at all. This was a gift experience so I won't be doing it much again I don't think!

Hahahaha alright!
The only thing that I find interesting in my hometown is the 3-days Street Food festival that's gonna happen in a couple of days. I'm gonna eat AS MUCH AS I CAN! Hahaha!
Gotta love street food!

Have some extra for me

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