My 150 Season Reward Cards on SteemMonsters

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It is very exciting to stay with @steemmonsters. I loved the season cards I got a few days ago. But there is not much surprise for me. But I will still love to wait for what comes next in the ongoing season. I opened around 70 beta packs last week. I got 2 legendary cards but the rest was no surprise. All I did purchase brilliant postion but it did not work. I am still happy with the cards I got in my alt account.


I have got some good cards from alt accounts. But I see my sister is lucky than me, she mainly plays from these accounts. But she sometimes plays from my account too and I plan to give all her access to play the game when I am out of the home.


Here is part of her 9 cards. She got 1 legendary card too in another account. I am sure I got more than 60 USD cards from last season. Not bad at all.

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Many people are saying like that they aren't happy with their end seasonal rewards.

That's sad to know @ikrahch. I got a legendary card yesterday from the quest rewards. I think it does not only depend on luck but also how the claim and how much players are playing, claiming and so on? I see most time the postion also have no effect in opening packs or so on

Steem monoster,I tried that game once.But, I don't think this game is for new comer in steem.
Because, The first investment in this game is so big.

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Hey @rana2423 , I will be happy to help if you want to play the game without investment and keep learning, earning, enjoying. You can check how @bapin is growing there. He also got a free promo code and he started without any investment. I saw he is buying cards now and You can also post about your gaming experience with tag #spt #sportstalk #steemleo .

I still have some a free promo code for someone facing a lack of liquid investment to start @SteemMonsters given by @clove71. So if you follow some steps and serious about the game, I will love to help.

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