Some memorable moments in Sports History

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Some memorable moments in Sports history.

Hi Sportstalkers and all Steemers,
Today I would like to share a special video for you about some memorable moment in Sports history.

You know there were many kinds of sporting moments occurred throughout the years.

Starting from a tennis player Rafael Nadal from Spain, Ivan Parisic when he played for Inter Milan, Selena Gomez wached the game of NBA between Detroit vs Indiana, Christiano Ronaldo and Mohammed Salah met before the match between Real Madrid vs Liverpool, a amazing corner kick did by Arnold when Liverpool beaten Barcelona in Semifinal of the Champions League 2019, to the spectacular show of savickas in weight lifting.

They have been the best unique moments of international sports.

You can listen to some following songs in this video:
Luminox - Bomba [GFM]
Pirates Of The Caribbean [GFM]
Super Mario - Overworld [GFM]
Whitesand - Liberation

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