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The original clip of Waka Waka.

Football is very familiar with music. They are a good friend. Every world cup event held the songs were involved too. "

There are songs that are choosen as the themes for the World Cup. Songs give happiness, right?

Now I am talking about Waka Waka. It sung by Shakira, feat. Freshlyground. Shakira sing it very well and became the queen of the World Cup at the time and Waka Waka on 2010 can be the most successful World Cup anthem ever. You can watch the video on Youtube and it will be a record because billions people viewed it.

I think many people watched the video of Waka Waka because it is the happiest song. It is why Waka Waka become the most watched video in history YouTube.

Do you want to watch the video? You can click the link I put on this post.

Happy watching guys.


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The song is so nice and unique that anytime I hear the song it always remember me of the world cup hosted by south Africa . Wish to me is the best world cup hosted ever

Waka waka eee..ee..ee