Aikido (Ultra Zen or Ultra Win?)

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Aikido is a Japanese Martial Art that is relatively new as opposed to other more ancient disciplines such as Kung Fu. Kung Fu is approx. over a thousand years old. Aikido was started by Morihei Ueshiba and focuses on the peaceful resolution of conflict and utilizing an attacker's own momentum and flow of energy against them.(Ki)
This is in stark contrast to my earlier posts on Krav Maga to show a Yin/Yang contrast between techniques. Whereas in Krav Maga, utilization of rapid fire quick blows is encouraged, Aikido practioners will use throws and joint locks and immobilization techniques.


In the picture above (pixabay), the stick you see being used is referred to as a Bo Staff. It serves both offensive and defensive purposes. Aikido generally translates to "Way of the Heart", some have different translations but that is the one I stick to. Compared to other Martial Arts, Aikido is Zen AF ;)....... Practicing Aikido includes such methods as meditation, energy flow, conflict resolution and empathy for ones opponent. This again is in quite a contrast to a throat jab in other M.A.'s that can crush a windpipe and lead to the abandonment of any notion of the other persons welfare.

fliparoo (giphy) "Ukemi move"

One of the first things one learns in Aikido is how to be flipped and land without getting hurt. Flipping is a pretty big theme here and is properly called, "Ukemi". Other moves commonly used include joint locks (sankyō, nikyō, kotegaeshi). It is a great work out to improve flexibility especially as well as promoting mental training and self discipline through rather advanced meditative techniques. The Sensei normally is the guide on the focusing part before Dojo work takes place.

It is a fantastic Martial Art if you are looking for self-defense while promoting peace. On that note, PEACE!

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In other words, the perfect english word for that would be Self-defense. Love the Giphy!

I like writing about diametrically opposed things for whatever reason. Aikido is almost like meditation and martial arts vs. Wing Chun or Krav Maga. Thanks for the nice comment.

Wow. Those were great to read. Will check your update about that from time to time.

Aikido is a really nice move, a great way to take advantage of the opponents attack,like a counter attack in team sports like football and basketball

bingo, it is very big into using the "force", "chi or KI" as well ;)
thanks for the nice comment

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