Krav Maga (Basic Tenants Inside!) קרב מגע

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Some may wonder what those symbols mean, it is Hebrew for Krav Maga. That translates into contact combat which bridges between straight up lethal moves into the sport, art and workout craze that has been featured widely across segments of pop culture.


To distill the essence of it all, it is to inflict in the shortest amount of time the most impact. Focal points are on the softest targets, disarm and be vigilant of ones surroundings to know of exits and outs. The mix of Martial Arts and speed in which it is used is demonstrated in the above linked post to show the rapid onslaught of moves to also add an air of confusion or chaos to the opponent. I took classes in self defense which gave some interesting pointers such as if you have long hair in a ponytail remember that's quite easy to grasp in a take down. Maybe that's why I wrap my hair in a bun so much, lol.


This video is for educational/informational purposes only but has some basic moves that are quite effective.

Youtube common license

Just as there are basic tenants in many of these disciplines/sports/arts... Krav Maga is no exception. According to "Krav Maga for Beginners" by Levine, Whitman and Hoover, the essential tenants are as follows

  • Neutralize the threat. ...
  • Keep it simple. ...
  • Simultaneous defense and attack. ...
  • Retzev, or continuous motion. ...
  • Use of weapons of opportunity. ...
  • Weapon defense. ...
  • Focus on vulnerable soft tissue and pressure points. ...
  • Subduing techniques.


Thank you for reading and supporting my blog. Here are a few other posts to check out if you feel so inclined and if not...well that's Kosher too. ;)


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So I found a school 30 minutes from my home, and checking them out tomorrow afternoon!

it would be cool for us three to make a sporty trio...we all are stackers and now the world will know our ninja, krav maga, Bruce Lee ways, lol :)

That would be super dope!!!! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

If I remember rightly Krav Maga was initially developed by the Military wa sit not but has now become quite a popular form of Martial Arts I remember seeing some clubs for it when I was living in Israel

Yes! Very cool you lived over there btw.... in the first post I go into that more, it was developed for the Military and is still used in many nations training to this day. It doesn't play and is not meant to keep your opponents well being in consideration, it's for getting the hell outta one to begin with. It's morphed now into sparring, training matches akin to other M.A.'s and work outs.

Thanks for the info I will go and check the other posts later when I am back on the PC and have more time, I have never been a big fighter I try and get myself out of the situation, so if thats the style of it then I do like the idea.

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I need that hat! Glad you're on here and those are all good ideas, you know some of our group of pals, we full of all those tasty ideas! :)

I haven't studied this form in a class setting but somewhat familiar with it from observation. Very practical and effective, does the job, nothing fancy. None of the demonstration aspects, philosophical brain fluff or artistic stuff.

it's for effect , pure and simple.......balls to the walls shiznit
avast matey... hope you have a great Friday!