Krav Maga (gird thy loins!) קרב מגע

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Israeli's don't play. In fact most people of that heritage don't play, I should know! ;)
Krav Maga has become very popular and especially with women who are learning self defense techniques including disarming assailants, exit strategies and the exact points to hit. Krav Maga was created by a Jewish man by the name of Imi Licthenfeld and was adopted by the IDF, which stands for Israeli Defense Forces and also other agencies. It also stands for Israeli Defense Fund but that's not the acronym I'm using for this post. What is very 'cool' about it is that it is a focused combination of so many other kick ass techniques of both Martial Arts and other disciplines of "fighting" like straight up boxing.

AMEN! Youtube common license

Krav Maga techniques even have made their way into many other nations Military training and special forces training due to its efficacy. A few of the "ingredients" taken to create this Defensive and Athletic form include... Judo, Wrestling, Street Fighting, Boxing, Aikido, Karate, Mantis moves that are like the ones you would see in a Bruce Lee movie.


It is an intensive full body workout that because of the diverse techniques no muscles get overlooked and the "confusion" of it keeps you in constant strength and resistance building. This has become a Dojo like setting for training in America and globally on how to find the weakest parts of the body to target first. This is not an escapist or altogether defensive art. It is used to K.O. your opponent/assailant with the mental focus training that goes along the lines with intense Aikido discipline.


More to come! Krav Maga has incredible potential to empower people both as a sport and workout technique and as a discipline to overcome the obstacles of life. Eyes on the Prize! Thanks for the Support.


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That's awesome. They deserved that ass kicking.

Krav maga is so so efficient and powerful. In this pirate's opinion, one of the best martial arts around. Awesome write-up!

more to come, Krav Maga is one of oh so many :P

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Can't wait.

Great article. I think I shall look into this and check out possible dojos that offer it. Thanks for the information, @ battleaxe👍!

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A lot of Women's self defense courses specialize in Krav Maga and glad you enjoyed it! Aikido is more "Zen" , I guess is a way to put it if you want something a little less aggressive, lol.... STACK ON SISTA

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