Ode to Charlotte Flair ("THE QUEEN")

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Feather Power and Smack Downs/ WWE

Charlotte Flair is the daughter of legendary wrestler, "The Nature Boy"...Ric Flair. Let's just say a unique taste in fashion and capes seems to run in their genetics as well as being athletically talented in the art of flipping people over! I never quite understood what was natural or anything remotely about nature with Ric but some mysteries are unsolvable!

Flair has been signed to WWE since 2012 in a developmental contract before moving up the ranks to the dev phase of NXT where she was ushered in the summer of 2013 by beating Bayley in her first televised match. It must have been quite a unique experience to grow up with Ric as your father and spending your formative years in the WWE family. Charlotte may at times adorn herself with Peacock feathers but they should be more from the bird of prey family....imho! ;)

Totally Natural! Like Father like Daughter/ The Flair Dynasty/WWE Universe

I imagine that you would have had a bit of an advantage with learning moves and being surrounded by wrestling royalty. Charlotte has earned her titles and stripes though by years of working up the ranks to become tough enough to face off to the Herculean...Ronda Rousey. In fact, in late 2018's WWE Survivor Series, "The Queen" again proved her dominance by attacking Rousey without ruffling too many feathers!

WrestleMania 32 Diva/WWE Women's Champion Charlotee Flair with Pops/ WWE

Pushing fast forward to 2015/2016 Charlotte goes RAW and participated at the request of the other Queen, Stephanie MacMahon to participate in the DIVAS Revolution. Flair then became a transformative figure in April of 2016 as DIVAS morphed into the new WWE Women's Championship. I personally find that renaming more palatable and marketable with the popularity soaring. On April 3rd, 2016 at WrestleMania 32, she defeated Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch to attain the status of the inaugural champ in her debut at WrestleMania.

Fall of 2018...fast forward... "Suvivor Series" saw "The Queen" lays into Ronda Rousey.... TAKE THAT RONDA! Nothing says some payback for Becky Lynch getting sucker punched by Nia Jax and not being able to compete against Rousey, LIKE A STEEL CHAIR TO THE HEAD OR A KNEE TO THE FACE!

Charlotte is fiesty like a Panther or a Lion or a Cheetah! ....giphy

I hope you are enjoying my "Odes" to Female Wrestling and stay tuned for more Smash Ups, Smack Down's and Ladies going at each other like two felines battling over the last bit of Catnip!


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the fury, the ferocity and the flair



so thisis ric flai'rs literal droip? that became a person?


u knwo eh has a song a modern migos rap song? a popular one


now im in the SPORTS spot



oh yeahhh Nature Boy there

Ouch, that's gonna leave a mark!

that had to have broken at least one nail!!!!

I meant the car door.

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oh here I was thinking of the damage of the pretty but yes the door is screwed very hard

Amazing she got into wrestling after her brothers passing as a way to honor him. Thanks for sharing!!

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glad you liked it :)

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