Sports Talk Curation Discord (Hop Onboard!)

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Looking for a positive space to simply Post Promote your STS work and maybe chat a bit? A bit ago @philnewton created an uber COZY discord channel for just this. The "Pay it Forward" rule is in effect where you find a post you have upvoted /feels needed some love and post it.

Vroom, Vroom and Start Your Engines on Helping Promote Yourself and Others! (pixabay)

After you put that good energy out into the Universe you post your post and sit back and feel the warmth of the ecosystem hugging you back. It is a small group but all are welcome who want to be part of something that is helpful for not only yourself but others. We reserve the right to Mod/Ban abusive content or trolls. That being said if you are looking to network then we have beer and cookies!


Here is the link, We hope to see you soon :)

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The "Vroom, Vroom" part started the engine of my soul. Haha

I might be joining soon :)

I will pop a balloon when I see you there @neri0x :)

Please do! I'm going to be starting a Curation project from this account when I get time. Others are doing it and I like that it showcases posts that may go unnoticed or specialize in something. Hope to see you there

Just got in! thanks for all that initiative, its very needed.

lol, and he did do a balloon pop , ha ha, kept his word

Quality people keep their word 🙌🙌🙌🙌

AMEN to that

Wow this is absolutely cool way to go @battleaxe , ill be hopping on

Thanks for the invitation @battleaxe. Resteemed for more exposure. It will be great to see others hopping in too soon :)

Good initiative by @philnewton

for sure, chill and beer and cookies for all

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