Solskjear is going nowhere

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Rumors had it that the Manchester united coach would be sacked if he refuses to win both Tottenham and Manchester City game. As much as I detest the rumor, there was no chance to prove it was not real. Although United has not been having a good run in the past months, Woodward left him to resolve things himself. The long out of form Manchester United gained form all of a sudden and became the Almighty United. Trashing both Tottenham and Manchester City wasn’t something easy, but they came up with 6 points from those matches.


Manchester United next match is Everton, and from the way Everton has been giving the top clubs a tough time, I don’t think Manchester United will be an exception. Beforehand, Everton has been a threat to Manchester United even when Sir Alex Ferguson was the manager. Manchester must design a strategy that would help them win the match. After taking 6 points from two difficult games, Losing to Everton would be bad, so they need to sit tight and make the best out of the game.

Everton is occupying the 14th position on the table losing 3 from their last 5 games. United who was sitting in the 12th position some weeks ago now stays in the 5th position behind Chelsea leading with 5 points. The return of Mc Tominay back to the team from injury has strengthened United’s Midfield. I’m very optimistic about the game and I’m sure Manchester United will not lose it as they did in the past few weeks of their poor run.
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