Clear list of Champions league knockout qualifiers and the EUROPA Cup joiners

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Most of the champions’ league group stages games ended today with several teams qualifying for the next round. As some qualifies, some join the UEFA CUP while the others crashed out on both sides. I made this post to list them separately. Below are the list of the round of 16 qualifiers, UEFA cup joiners, and crashed out teams.

Clubs that qualified for the knock out stage

  • PSG
  • Bayern Munich
  • Liverpool
  • Valencia
  • Chelsea
  • Leipzig
  • Lyon
  • Barcelona
  • B Dortmund
  • Napoli
  • Juventus
  • Manchester City
  • Tottenham
  • Real Madrid

EUROPA Cup joiners


  • Inter Milan
  • Red Bull
  • Benfica
  • Ajax

Crashed out teams

  • Genk
  • Slavia Praha
  • Lille
  • Zenith

There are still some matches to be played on Wednesday. The outcome will determine where the remaining clubs will be fixed on the list.
The game is getting tougher. Only the fittest will survive.
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