Paddy Power Sports Betting Firm. Controversial But Effective

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This was erected in a car park in one of the car parks at the Open Championship in Portrush last night. Yep it is an Escalade . shipped in from the states and placed on a noticeboard as if it has crashed into it. The slogan reads

Tiger has arrived. Let's hope his driving improves.

The Paddy Power marketing department have created yet another talking point before the Open Championship. It did give me a laugh on so many levels but I do not think some PGA tour officials or Tiger will not appreciate the efforts made by the Paddy Power marketing department. We do not know yet if it is the actually Escalade that Tiger crashed that faithful night that brought his career to an abrupt standstil but you get their point. Tiger has not been the best driver in recent years in the golf either so this stunt works on so many levels.

I find most of the Paddy Power stunts very effective. During the last Ireland versus England soccer friendly, Paddy Power bubble wrapped everything around their shops in Dublin to make fun of England's troublesome traveling houligans. It was hilarious.Especially the dog was bubble wrapped. Hahah.

Paddy Power are anti Brexit and during the rugby they set up a passport office for the British to apply for an Irish passport.

They even got Cantona involved in the Brexit debate.

Paddy Power got in trouble for this one below but I get their point. The main arguments around Brexit is immigration. But if you look at alot of their heros, they are immigrants or their parents are. So to make a point they parked the truck in Calais France. I have to say, this was not in good taste. They went a bit too far with that one.

The best advertising to date was the launch of the Paddy Power loyalty card. They got Ryan Gigg's brother Rhodri to launch it. Most of you know the background to this but for those who do not, Ryan was having an affair with his brothers wife.
We do need milk is the best line of the advertisemnt as his ex used to be popping out to the shop and meeting footballer Ryan in a hotel.

So the advert in the title is yet to hit the headlines because it is only up a couple of hours. They may be asked to take it down but this one may cause some controversy also. It will go viral soon and the marketeers at Paddy Power will have done their jobs. 90% of Paddy Power stunts are very funny. Ed Woodward may be hitting this one come Christmas.



Always love a good commercial!

The problem with the bookies' ads is that they are too effective. I watch A LOT of sport on Sky throughout the year and every ad break has at least 1 ad from these guys. I am the father of 2 young boys (6 & 1 years old) and they pay little to no attention to the TV when the sport is on but as soon as a bookmakers ad comes on they are transfixed! My eldest can already do a pretty good Ray Winston impression!

Yeah its a big problem in Uk and Ireland. The problem is not just the bookies. Its games like FIFA as well. 12 years olds Buying packs off the fathers credit card to get the best players . Its gerring scary

You don't realise how many facets of life actually incorporate gambling until you stop and think. Back when I was a kid, instead of FIFA it was football stickers - essentially that is priming kids for a life of buying scratch cards!

Speaking of gambling, check out my latest blog for a Premier League sweepstake

Cool il have a look now. Yeah you are right about the gambling thing. Do you k ow Facebook designed there mobile notification pull down to refresh on a slot machine. The pulling down the page to refresh gets you addicted. Who would of thought?

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I hadn't but it doesn't surprise me!

Shit, we're all just basically lab rats that walk on 2 legs and wear shoes!

ok, they have some crazy people working for them :D

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