Rory just got an 8 on the first in Portrush

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The Hope's were so high coming into the open. The greens are slow which is perfect for the let's just say, weaker putter. Northern Irish man Darren Clarke opened the day at 6.30 with a perfect tee shot. He birdied the first and is doing well so far. But all is not well for Rory McElroy. He went out of bounds with his tee shot on the first. He took a penalty stroke and teed the ball up again. He ended up scoring an 8. The dreaded snowman 8. We all hate getting an 8. To an amateur like me this is just a scratch in stableford.
what did you get Blanchy
put me down for a scratch Jim
This is me getting an 8. Now for Rory this is stroke play so he can't just mark the hole void. The hole is a par 4 which left him 4 over after the 1st. He dropped another shot since which made him 5 over. Second last place so far. This is a disaster. Let's home he can make a comeback soon and start chiseling away at the dropped shots so he can make the cut. Rory doesnt do well when the spotlight is on him especially at such an important event in his home country.
Come on Rors. Let's get back on the birdie horse.


4 over on a hole, ouch. That's gotta hurt!!

Hes coming back. Now 3 over after 2 birdies in a row

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Ha, get in there, it's all that sea air!

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