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So it is time to announce another contest here on Sportstalk. I ran this contest last year on Steemit and it was a success. Some of you people on Sportstalk had entered. @cryptoandcoffee came third in the last contest. @jclark and @georgechuks were the eventual winners of the two contests I held.

So What is Last Man Standing?

It is very simple. Just pick the winner of one premier league match each week. If the team you select wins then you are through to the next round.
If you lose or draw then you are knocked out.
Now here is the catch. You may not pick the same team twice in the competition. The winner is the last man standing.

How Do I Know What Teams Are Playing?

The Last Man Standing rounds will play out during the weekend fixtures between Friday and Monday night. I will be posting the fixtures in a post on the Wednesday before each round of fixtures.Midweek fixtures are not included. If a team you select plays in a match that is canceled or postponed then you will continue to the next round. The first round of fixtures starts in August.

How do I enter?

It is free. You just comment your selection below. Just one team. I will do the rest. If they win you are through to week 2 where you will select a different team.
This is alot harder than you think. Picking the top 6 at the start will make life harder for yourself in the latter rounds. Pick the bad teams and you risk knockout. Plus there are always the dreaded draws that can knock you out. The fixture list for the whole season is public so the experts among you can make a strategy on what teams you will select to avoid getting knocked out early.
The deadline for entries is 2 hours before the kick off of the first game in the round. So for this round it will be 6pm on Friday the 9th August. We will not be accepting any new entries after this date either because the contest has commenced.
If a contestant reaches the next round and does not give me a selection before the deadline then I will automatically pick them the team that is closest to the top of the league(a team they have not previously selected.)

How Long Does It Last?

Average 10 weeks. The last two contests of mine lasted 9 and 11 weeks. If you do get through just be sure to check back and give me your selection for week 2. A well known betting company did one last year and it lasted 10 weeks with 50,000 people in it. I have never seen one lasting the 20 (when all teams have been picked.)

Any Prizes?

There will be 50 Steem Basic Income for the winner plus 20,000 sports tokens to the last man standing. I will judge how popular the contest becomes to determine the prize for the next Last Man Standing which will take place over the Christmas Period.

Any questions just comment below. The aim of this contest is to bring more people who like football into Sportstalk so we can have healthy debates and great posts about the premiership. I am impressed so far with the content in Sportstalk and the quality is improving day by day. So by August I hope to have a decent number in the contest from Steemit and Sportstalk. I know it is early but once you are in you are in. Anyone who has no interests in football or doesn't have a clue can still select a team. Why not!! Just comment below. An entrant that did not know his arse from his elbow got to the final 4 last season. He was 1 game away from winning it. So just give me a team. Any team. Its free. If you are not in you can't win.



I remember how much fun this was last year! I will go with Leicester City.... Because they are playing on my birthday!

I'll take Watford if you don't mind

Oh im liking this mid table choice . Good choice though

My pick crystal palace

Tough one that match

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I am taking Tottenham Hotspurs . Thanks for this contest @blanchy

Great thanks. Good choice

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Let's go Liverpool just because it's the first match and if I'm going to lose then I want to go down in blazing glory!

I will take Leicester City, thanks.

i like to take hotspur :p hehe

I have commented on the other post, which was deleted. So here I am, announcing my participation. I'm going to give you my pick soon but first I have to consult with a fortune teller, astrologer, football specialist to see which team to pick 😁
I'll be back!

Hes busy with the tour de france 😜😜


Watford win first game, my pick

Let´s start this with a plan for 10 weeks. I´ll take the Spurs for the first round.

Put me down for Bournemouth week one. Thanks.

Interesting choice

True. I was playing it like the paddy power one with a lot of people. This one will be smaller so 4 or 5 weeks should win it. Ah well i'll go with it.

I am going to take Leicester City, thank you

Manchester city

I will go for Watford

Thanks for your selection.

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i will go with Arsenal this round. hope they don't sell me out in the first game :D

Betting with the heart @bill.prag. dangerous game especially with Arsenal 😂😂

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I am picking tottenham hotspur :D :D thanks for this contest

No problem mate thanks for joining

first thank you for this contest i will take burnley

Thanks for your selection

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