Manchester united despite all odds shares a point with Liverpool.

in #sportstalk2 years ago

It was a fantastic performance by manU saving a point for another day. Despite all that has been happening in the team they really played a nice the return of David De Gea from injury provided a massive boost.

Rashord with his performance today shows the team is really coming back together to my own insight, the match was really a challenge for them but they tried all their best to secure a point with liverpool.

Thanks to VAR decision mane's goal would have put the team under pressure.The defense was at a point slacky,they really need to do more before it cost another in their subsequent matches.
The attack did to their best a nice runnings from james and Rashford placed himself at the right position,a good tactics,average team,three point would have been better but with all the effort it's a good thing to place it draw.

Liverpool manager klopp with his wonder substitution changed the game and gave them result three point would been better for them much pressure,good tactics, team work but i think the absence of salah shows at a point mane wasn't in game anymore. Mane and Firmino failed to find inspiration with Klopp as ever an animated figure on the touchline.

I hope manU would work more on their mistake and do better in their subsequent matches.