Match-fixing:How gambling is destroying sport

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The Football Associations need to establish problem-gambling counselling and a clause in the players' contracts that allows them to seek help for addictive behaviour without it damaging their professional success.
Before I explain why there were no big surprises, let us step back for a moment, and explain how we got to this situation.


Match fixing is a broad term that incorporates a number of different activities that result in the manipulation of some aspect of a game, including the end result.

Most times i always wonder why some players disappoint with their performance or a team that as been doing fine just disappoint unexpected with the outcome of the end of the my research i now find out that it is most time the influence of this so called match fixing and this happen everywhere in the world both in Africa,Asians continient,Europe In all forms of sport; motorsports, cycling, tennis, golf, cricket, swimming etc and i believe it has to do with the gambling company and the link of the gangster.

They regard themselves as "brokers" rather than fixers. They form alliances with local criminals, who in turn are able to form connections with corrupt players, referees and team officials.FIFA/UEFA are really helping the fixers with their ridiculous stance on this.


The first condition that match-fixing tends to gestate in is where there are vast illegal gambling markets. These markets are often networked through international criminal syndicates.

The second factor that leads to an increase in match-fixing incidents is poor wages to players and referees. Poor wages provide a fertile ground for match fixers to take advantage of players who lack the resources to provide for their needs.

The third and final factor, which Hill linked to increases in match fixing was a perception that a league was corrupt. A perception of corruption or the perception that a league or players are open to corrupt activities can create something of a self-fulfilling prophecy for would-be match fixers.

And also gambling-related match fixing occurs where an individual or group seeks to manipulate a result in order to win a wager themselves or to assist others to win a wager.


Tell players about the change in their status
from coveted friend to slave when the match- fixers start 'calling the fix'. at the moment not a
single football association have any education
for their players using former fixers on how to avoid the dangers of dealing with criminals.

Security Units
Football associations also lack some very basic
tools. For example, very few of them have a
well-resourced security department, which is
standard in large companies and in all sports. In
these leagues the unit is specifically charged
with protecting and policing the game. At the
moment, in the multi-billion pound football industry there is no equivalent department. It is like a sweet shop with no door. Until such organisations are put into place, then the fixing
will continue.

Change payment policy
Players at high-level tournaments should be
paid directly by Fifa. The gap between what a top player can earn in a domestic league and in an international game is extraordinary. Fixers
know this and can exploit it.
Every player should know before getting to the
tournament what they will be paid for each
game, what their win bonuses will be, and that
the money will be paid directly into their
accounts without going through the football


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