Staking 50,000+ Sports and 300+ Jahm.

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Still in the business of staking up my reward and seeing if I can buy more token to reach my goal of 2 million sports and now I've added another to it. Reaching a total of 10,000 jahm before the end of next month. So all road lead to the reggaesteem platform on Steem engine to buy more and earn more of it through blogging.

So, today I bought more of sport, 39,000+ in addition to the 11,000 + I've earned from blogging on sportstalksocial Platform.

Prrof of buy.

Transaction ID

I then went ahead and stake the tokens, a total of 50,000 sports additional stake.

Transaction ID

I didn't stop there, my aim to recuperate from my loss of @botefarm.jahm and manyof my alts made me promise that am going to build it back. The new account is @botefarm-jahm is doing well and good presently but am more than ready to make sure it's well filled with good amount of stake, let's say 10,000 jahm stake. That's why am staking all that I've got.

300+ jahm staked.

Transaction ID

More and more are still coming.

Happy steeming.


Good work

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Nice going botefarm. Can feel you
bulking up and using your jahm to
support the tribe. Thumbs up.

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If not for @botefarm.jahm that I lost, i should be 10,000+ now and aiming 20,000 before month end.

Thanks for the word of encouragement.