Broncos/Titans Trash Talk Central

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Lets go!!! hahaha I love your passion man! Drew Lock definitely is a stud, I hope the Titans are ready and respect his ability. I think it will be a good game! Hopefully better than last year's game... lol! Great video! Makes me want to make a video kinda lol. Can't wait for Monday night to get here!!

'Ryan Tranehill' lmao!

Wow. I am not really a football/ America fan but I enjoy your talk about the game. I sincerely hope that the broncos team win and make you happy.
Since you said the team have a new look bronco team and a new-look defence, I wish the bronco teams the best

Buenos días @broncnutz deseo que se encuentre bien al igual que su familia. Lo felicito por su gran trabajo en esta plataforma. Se le saluda desde Venezuela . Deseo contar son su apoyo en esta plataforma. Feliz día amigo.

@broncnutz, That saying is Powerful and Motivating for sure.

Bad day and unsuccessful series is normal thing but most important aspect is Intent.

Every player and every team loses and that's the nature of game and its normal. If intent is missing in a way soul of the game missing.

Hope that your favorite team will perform well in upcoming matches.

Have a joyful time ahead and stay blessed.