Injury bug bites Luck AGAIN! **Game Over**

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Such a shame to see Andrew Luck have to retire today from the NFL. He’s only 29 but, injuries have really caught up with him to the point that I can’t blame him one bit for this decision. Shoulder issues, knee surgeries and now a torn calf muscle and ankle injuries are a lot to put onto ones drive to keep playing. As a fan it’s easy to say he should just work through it but, until you have had to deal with the pain, rehab and injury cycle’s not fair to even question him.
When Luck was healthy nobody could really argue about how effective he was. Multiple playoff appearances, a few wins and he almost got a ring. I wish you well man, it sure would have been fun to watch you for 10 years in a healthy body.
As for all you Colts “fans” who savagely booed Luck off the field....drink battery acid and die. Luck was an ambassador for football, the NFL, your city, your community. This was one quality man. You should be ashamed to call yourself fans. The good news is you guys ended up with Chad Kelly and I think the kid has something special in store.

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I was saddened by Luck!!! But my real reason for stopping over was to throw the luck of the shamrock on all of us with the Hard Fork!!!

See you on the Flip Side!


Colt fans will rue the day when they didn't support this very gifted athlete. Not only is it a loss for the Colts, it is a loss for the NFL as well. Character guy.

This is a huge loss for the NFL

I've been a sportsman most of my life. I know what it means to make this kind of decision, not easy at all.

pd: fans only know how to be in the good ones!

It is really sad to see him retire but he has done his best in NFL and he will be truly miss as a player . I wish him the best

Yes, you are right, @brontnuzt. . it's sad to see player who is still very productive must retire. Hopefully his team can succeed even without him. And he can get well again and can find another job. Have a nice day, sir.


It must be difficult for him to take that decisomdecision

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Broncos need to have one Michael Oher on your list..
Greetings bro!

Injuries are one of the biggest thing every sport player wish to avoid and not come up with. That must be difficult for him to take that decision

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