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I was thinking of putting together a fantasy baseball league together through a third party website like

The idea is get 10 to 12 people and each deposit 10 Steem for the winner when you join and once the season is over winner takes all.

I been playing fantasy baseball for the past two years and thought why not put it together with another hobby Steem. I have tried in the past to get a NFL fantasy league going but we didn't get enough people but lets try out again why not. With baseball season just around the corner and I feel like we got enough time to find Steemians that would be interested before the start of the season.

If any of this sounds interesting message me and let me know. We could change around some details like amount of players, buy in amount to play, and pay out to top 3 or winner takes all. If you know any other baseball fan here on Steem let them know also to join us.

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Fantasy football count me on next year. Good luck

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Sounds good I play every year. Hopefully we could get enough players together here on Steem.

I'd be down to take part in this personally. Do you happen to know of any sites that will let you have unlimited entries for a league? If so I'd love to host a league with a million sports pay out.

Well there is only so many players in the league so having more than 12 or max 16 teams just makes it more difficult. Honestly I think it would be tuff to find that many users interested here on Steem. Ive tried to get together Fantasy Football leagues before and couldn’t fond enough players.

What we could do with unlimited amount of players is daily pick em but season long. Pick the winner of each game in advance by one day and whoever gets most correct picks wins end of the season. That would be a lot of games but a couple of is together could make it happen.