A Lot Closer Than I Expected

in sportstalk •  8 days ago 


I'm watching the Montpellier Open tonight. It is the semi-finals game and it has been a nail-biting first set so far.

Monfils was down in the tie-break but he come back to take the first set 7-4 in the tie-break.

I expected a close game because of how well both have been playing but it's been closer than I expected despite the home advantage and also the fact that Monfils is ranked 30 spots higher.

Hopefully Monfils doesn't disappoint. He's a really good player who just doesn't have the discipline at the highest levels. One time he actually dropped a set against some unranked player.

Second set is starting now...

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try to drink coffee with it

Lol that's exactly what I did :)

A comfortable second set and Monfils wins :))