Can Crystal Palace Do It?

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Well, i really hope so, for the sake of my Fantasy Football team at least. Didn't even realize that i had three players from them in my team. I guess they were the value buys when trying to balance the budget.

Liverpool problems

The other team that has a big impact for me are Liverpool since i have two defenders and one midfielder from them. Again, they haven't been able to keep a clean sheet, letting in the odd goal. That would have made a 12 point difference for my team.

From the looks of it, Everton are going to be hard to beat in terms of clean sheets. I already have exposure in the form of Pickford, but maybe adding an extra Everton defender makes sense. That would free up some cash to chase someone from City.

Bookies and bookies

Palace started as the underdogs against Sheffield which i found to be a little odd given that both are equally matched. That's a pretty generous bonus just based on home field advantage. 30 minutes in and so far so good. No goals conceded and all three players started.

If all goes smoothly, should be able to pick up 10 points which would move me up the league tables somewhat.

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And the answer is no, they can't. Substituted two defenders out. Next week will substitute the Palace mids.