How Long Before Jose Gets Sacked?

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I never really rated Jose Mourinho as a manager. He had a successful spell at Chelsea but that was because they were the money bag team before everyone else.

Once Man City, Liverpool and Man Utd started spending the big bucks, his success evaporated.

His stints in Italy and Spain were alright but nothing that set the world alight. Surely nothing that would be worthy of the title 'the special one'.

At Tottenham, he has been a little unlucky with the injuries to Kane and Son. But even then, the team is one dimensional and going nowhere.

I say Spurs miss out on a champions league spot and Mourinho gets the boot or quits at the end of the season.


At this rate, i don't think he'll even make it till the end of the season

He should have stuck to the punditry. Paid to talk rubbish...what a gig.

Still early days for Jose (with a very banged up squad) is the time to time to keep calm and resist the urge to panic - as well as the urge to whinge...

Before yesterday, since the start of the Mourinho era only Liverpool and Man City have gained more points than us. I will support Jose and the team, the season is still long and we will have more occasions to fight for a top 4 spot.

FA Cup on Wednesday!