I love football, but I couldn't chase my dream because my dad stopped me. So painful.

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I have never had a groin injury since I’ve been playing soccer. I’m always agile and active on the pitch. They knew me as very energetic, which made my teammates named me the horse. I play as winger, 11 to be precise, but I’m always the top scorer. Football was a part of me until I stopped going to training. My dad didn’t want it and I was very obedient, so I didn’t drag with him. I had to stop going to training even though I wasn’t happy about it.

My coach then came to my school to ask why I refused to come to training on a row since he knew me to be a punctual student. I explained things to him and he decided to follow me to my dad, which I disallowed. My dad is very adamant, so I don’t want to complicate things for myself. I play football at home and anywhere I find people having fun on the field but I didn’t belong to any team anymore.

When I got admission into a higher institution, I played for my department. Soccer has been a part of me, but I couldn’t pursue it as a dream. Many years have passed and I still play football anywhere I find people playing. I had my first groin injury last month. It was like a joke. The defender I dribbled cleared me and that was it. Still nursing my injury till now. I couldn’t join to play on the field on Saturdays that I’m always chanced to play.
I placed an ice block on it until I got relieved after which I rubbed it with ointment. I also took pain killer afterward to suppress the pain but I can’t do many activities that require leg work. Staying calm until my injury disappear.

I love football. I played football, and I’m still playing. I've had chronic knee injuries on both legs. I can't count how many wounds I've had on the pitch. I’ve received more than 1,000,000 elbows on-air while contesting for ball with opponents. Not that I’m exaggerating, I cant just estimate the rate.

I was a good footballer in my days. Everyone knows me around my vicinity as a dribbler. I play like a pro. If CR7 were to be around me then, he would call me boss. Smiles.

Gone are the days of energetic nature. No much energy to play as before. I'm not getting younger, and the body system is changing gradually. How I wish I still have the horse energy in me. Anyways, I'm still fit.

I love football. What about you?

Let us feel the vibes in the comment section.

Thanks for reading.

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Looks like you love football more than anything. When you can talk about what you are passionate about, it feels great. At the time fo reading your post, I feel your love and passion for football.

Thank you @ckole for sharing this. See you around!

Yes, I love football. I will continue playing till my old age. Smiles. Thanks for your comment.