30% in 10 days with sportstalksocial.com !

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I staked exactly 10 days ago in sportstalksocial.com 167000 sports token.

I counted my earning today and it was about 50000 tokens earned back from creating content and curating.

That's about 30% of what I invested and that's really great.

Imagine that I will get my money invested back just after about 1 month and a few days.

It's really a cool investment, especially in first stage of the project.

I think it still a young project and it worth to take a look at it and learn about it.

Sport also has a big potential. Imagine if team players or some sportsman will join.

I will always keep updating you and I may invest more very soon to be able to earn even more.

We can't find such thing in banks or anywhere in the real world.

Even in the web there are so much scam, so I prefer to invest in steem that's paying for more than 3 years.

I think investing in the tokens built on steem, it's just like investing in steem itself.

We are making the blockchain more active that way and that's always good.

You're welcome to join @dcooperation , the community to collaborate.

Subscribe to my youtube channel here !

Read the white paper of @dcooperation here : DCooperation's white paper !

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Very good! I am also looking for my ROI. I hope to get you like a month, a month and a half ... These are the opportunities that I say we should not forget. We should enjoy it and you enjoyed it very well. Congratulations on your ROI. Sportstalk's platform has everything to become one of the top 5 midst of STEEM. It will depend a lot on our efforts to move this community forward. Congratulations again!

Yeah, of course. I think we need more original content on it. There is so much automatic actifit reports and dlike shares. I don't like that unless it's edited somehow. In the actifit reports they always can add some pictures and text and in dlike shares, they can at least discribe what they think about what they shared. I'm not flagging that, but I don't upvote that for sure !

I have been in this tribe too for a while. Looking at the price change and the amount of SPORTS tokens the leaders have accumulated in just few weeks, makes me think that the inflation of this token is way to high.
Those crazy quantities of new tokens distributed may soon kill the interest. And kill the token itself.
What do you think ?

The thing I worry about is the content created there. Take a look for example at the new page and you will see what I'm talking about. There isn't too much original content. Maybe those who are writing those news, are just editing them from the web. There is a lot of dlike shares and actifit non edited reports. That's what I worry about more. I use to curate original content, but here it's too hard to find it. Sometimes to not sit on my power, I just go to hot page and upvote someone. But, I didn't like that and now I don't want to unstake, but at least to get my money back. I'm sad to see that in such tribe, I considered the best. Also, it seems that we start having upvote bots in the tribes and I don't like that at all. The trending page is full of those who are buying them, so there is no difference between steemit and tribes now. That's my honest opinion !

I have 25% recovery

!beer !coffee

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That's great. Thanks for the tips.

This is a great project and is fast growing considering the number of post dropped daily.

Yeah. Sometimes it's hard to catch everything.

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WOW... That's very good! Keep it up with the good work, @clixmoney!

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Thanks a lot. ☺

It looks that I have to get into sports!

You're welcome here. ☺