Movies about sport #1 - ''Concussion 2015'' with Will Smith !

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I want to run a new series of posts, where I will review sportive movies !

I don't even know how many movies I watched in my life, but I watched really a lot !

A lot of them were about sports and how the heros of those movies fight and get what they wanted !

Some of them, are just about life and to take an example or to learn something from the story !

I want to start with ''Concussion 2015'' with Will Smith because he is my favorite actor !

I like how he act, and how he motivates and he even has a youtube channel now, what made me loving him even more !

Anyway, let's talk about the movie.

The movie is about him being an advocate and a forensic pathologist who was fighting against National Football League to make them tell the truth about that the American Football is harmful for players.

The movie is based on a true story and it's about the real Bennet Omalu from Nigeria, who became an American citizen later and cared about those players after seeing how Mike Webster was dead because of the pain that he had in his head.

The movie is really great because it's showing how a simple doctor from an other country changed something that was almost impossible to change.

The situation also was compared to the cigarettes companies when they claimed that smoking them is not harmful at all.

I'm really glad that now NFL at least recognize that's it's harmful and it's up to people to go play it or not.

I will share the trailer with you, so you may have better ideas about what I'm talking about :

I really enjoyed watching the movie for the second time in my life to share this review.

Thanks to #sportstalk that's motivating me now to watch more sportive movies to share !

All those movies are really motivational and after watching them, you understand how sport can be important and how huge is this industry to invest in.

I hope in the future more people will join steem to share their sportive content here.

Stay tuned for more reviews about great movies I watched.

I really recommend to watch this one.

It's written about the movie even in wikipedia here : Concussion (2015 film)

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I've seen it!!
<3 it

That's cool. ☺

We need more of such movies to tell the truth about players ordeals, checkmate and popularise sports

Yeah, of course. They are not robots after all. Such movies are really useful and they may remind people about something forgeten.

I've always talked about watching this but have never taken the time through it. It's certainly had an impact helping raise awareness to the brain damage these guys have to take.

Yeah, the impact of that doctor is really huge. I hope you will find time to watch it.