Esports Formula One Is One Big Yawn

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Last night Sky Sports aired the first of a series of live Esport Formula One races. I watched the test run last weekend with an open mind hoping that I could possibly find it somewhat entertaining. I am not joking over the two hour event I must have fallen asleep 3 or 4 times and eventually woke up not knowing the result.
I think the sports broadcasters are that desperate to find something to fill the gaps that they will literally show anything right now. Having one or two drivers who are proper Formula One drivers is fine, but they need virtually the whole grid to participate to pull this off. Having celebrities fill in for absent drivers as a guest just shows how low the standard really is.
When we watch the real racing we don't need loads of commentary as the picture tells it's own story. The noise of the cars with the live sound effects from the pits along with some individuals who are knowledgeable about what is unfolding as it happens. No one can just commentate as you need to know what you are talking about to make it more interesting. Seriously what can you say about a tv game to make it more interesting as nothing is real. A crash is just a reset button or a time penalty.
The set up that is being aired right now is amateurish at best and not worthy of television coverage. I can see this being done for fun, but the commentators need to be removed and replaced to give the whole format an instant upgrade. I switched onto the channel last night and switched it off immediately as I just find the whole thing irritating and somewhat childish.Nothing had changed from the week before and I would fall asleep again.

I think the broadcasters should pay people to watch it as it is that bad.

I understand the concept as the drivers practice on the simulators more than they actually test drive their cars.Those graphics are some what different to a 2019 EA Sports game though. What would be more interesting if they could log into those simulators all at once and have the engineers tweaking their cars as they raced. This would be far more realistic as this is how they practice during the week learning every section of the track they are going to race.This is a low budget, low entertainment effort that is pretty feeble at best.

Doing it as a once off for charity or something I can understand,but this is now being used as a filler on a paying main stream channel instead of the live races that have been cancelled or postponed.Surely people have got better things to do than watch others play television games who aren't even that good at it either.

You can see the producers have really tried to draw this out as the qualifying is still done over the three phases before the race. I love watching Formula One, but am not desperate enough to lower my standards to watching this garbage. I cannot find one positive as I find the whole concept in how it is being done torturous and not pleasurable at all.

I am just wondering what sport is going to try this next as others are surely going to follow and is only a matter of time.

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