Hagibis ,Not Haggis Could Beat Scotland This Weekend.

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Kobe's Misaki Stadium which is enclosed could be a change of venue for Japan vs Scotland.

Typhoon Hagibis is set to make landfall later this week and move up to Tokyo by Sunday and contingency plans are already in place. The ones I feel sorry for are the teams who are still trying to qualify for the knockout stages of the Rugby World Cup.

If I was the Scottish Captain on Sunday and won the toss I would play with the wind in the first half. You always use whatever elements are around in case they disappear.

The calculations are fairly simple for the likes of Scotland as they need to win with a bonus point and not allow Japan a losing bonus point. This all comes apart if Hagibis has a say this weekend. The tournament will go ahead if it is safe to use an enclosed stadium and all spectators will receive a refund. This is to ensure the spectators safety which doesn't add up as to what about the officials and players. Possibly they could move it North or south of where the landfall is expected but then these things are unpredictable and can turn and change direction very quickly.

If it lands then Japan will move to the next stage of the World Cup and Scotland are out is the way I read between the lines. If It was Japan needing the points then I would say the match would go ahead behind closed doors somewhere bulletproof. If the game isn't played they both get 2 points and I am sure the Japanese are quietly praying for the Typhoon to land. Not that they don't deserve it, but everyone would like to see them go through by winning the normal way.

The same thing happened in 1995 when South Africa were going to play Samoa for a place in the quarter finals. A downpour flooded the field and with little to no drainage the field looked like a lake. Out of nowhere 100's of people appeared with brooms and the ground was made "safe" to play. Honestly it wasn't and someone knew the outcry that was coming if the match didn't go ahead. Anywhere else in the world and that game would have been called off. South Africa went on to win the World Cup so it was a big call in the end.
We will know shortly if the storm is a pussy or a monster as it passes over Guam.
maxresdefault (5).jpg

Rugby is not the only sport in Japan this weekend as the Japanese Grand Prix is scheduled for Sunday afternoon. I have no idea if they can move it to Monday or bring it forward to Saturday so we will have to wait and see. The down force on the cars would be tested and I hope the Typhoon is just a false alarm and disappears before hitting the land. The last one from two weeks ago did and it was just a strong wind in the end.

It kind of makes you question why they would be playing a World Cup if it is Typhoon season. The organizers should know better and have bought the tournament ahead by one month if that is the case. We had similar questions at the Cricket World Cup played in South Africa a few years back as it was smack bang over the wet period and everyone knows when it rains here that is game over. I just wish more thought would go into these events as it could ruin a countries chance of winning because of a game being washed out.

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Japan still cannot qualify if they don’t beat Scotland and they loose by more than 7 while Scotland get a bonus point and Ireland also get a bonus point .

They need to lose by 7 or less or win otherwise they are in trouble.

World Rugby is aware of the violent weather heading to Japan, and is putting in place contingency plans in the event that any match at the World Cup is expected. Under the regulations, games that cannot be played as scheduled are scored as a 0-0 draw, with each team claiming two points, and while that would not affect Pool C with England and France already qualified.

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Bad weather in general makes for a ruined outing in any sporting event or the weather might just end up deciding who wins rather than the team who deserves it. But well I don't know maybe seasons where flood and whatnot might be put into consideration before dates are set.

you would hope those things would be considered. I just read the Typhoons are early this year so maybe it has stuffed everyone's planning.

That's a real bummer if you asked me I was thinking there would be a viable means to trumping these conditions

Damn you haginis, damn you to hell! Fingers crossed the game goes ahead!

I hope it does and The Scots can win some credibility back.

Me too sigh

That is a crazy name for a typhoon, but you guys probably think we come up with crazy names for our hurricanes. That is interesting that they would need to plan contingencies for things like that. It seems like it would have been better to not even schedule them during typhoon season.

And ireland are in trouble if this happens too

No doubt it will be an entertaining match to watch with lots of expectations and surprises

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With Japanese culture I kind of doubt they are praying for the Typhoon to hit. Looking for that way out doesn't fit with a lot of there cultural beliefs.