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Imagine telling a life long Manchester fan he can't watch the derby because he is too old. That would probably kill him as how many derbies do the elderly have left to watch anyway.

I was reading an article about the English government discussing preventative measures for sports fans attending games. This is of course if the virus keeps spreading which it seems to be doing fairly rapidly.


I know from previous experiences that the rugby crowd has a high percentage of the older generation watching it.

One of the proposed government measures is to lawfully ban anyone over 70 years of age as they are the ones who have been deemed more at risk. Obviously they are not Crystal place fans as where does that leave poor old Roy Hodgson who is their manager at the ripe old age of 73.

He is comfortably the oldest manager around even if Carlo Ancelotti looks older than what he really is as he is only 60. I think placing a ban on age groups is pushing it and if they are that worried then they need to rather play behind closed doors.

The elderly get shunned enough and now you are discriminating even though it is in their best interest. You tell that to them though as the one outing they have a week is to whatever team they are following and now you take that away.

If an elderly person is going to a sports event then they are fit and healthy. I know many old people who do things that younger people don't as they are too lazy. I think there is a big difference today as the older generations live far longer due to the fact they stay busy.

I personally think you would possibly have the same chance whether you went to the shops or to a football game of catching it. If it is that bad and you are having to go to those measures then rather ban everyone from attending and don't pick on age groups.

This could be a way for the clubs to keep the turnstiles ticking over for a few extra weeks before a ban came into effect anyway. I am hopeful it doesn't keep on spreading like it is ,but it looks inevitable at this point in time due to the stupidity of certain individuals.

Looks great, but it can wait for another time.

I have known two sets of groups that have just returned from Northern Italy having had skiing holidays. The one group is supposedly our first cases in South Africa and the media have already misguided everyone saying that there is only one case. I know there are 3 out of the group that have it and are at home.

The other stupid morons included my cousin who was banned form attending work today. She has been asked to stay away and she is being monitored before she is allowed back in the office. I told her how dumb she was as she could have gone virtually anywhere in the world but Northern Italy and China without raising alarm bells.

I don't normally worry about this type of thing, but with stupid people around you have to worry. Just having some common sense and a few brain cells you should be fine.


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