Players Alienating Clubs

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I honestly don't know what planet the players are living on. They don't seem to understand what is going on. The Clubs are receiving no revenue yet they want to tell them how they are going to be paid.They are a bunch of spoiled kids who don't have a brain cell between them and this is making them look even worse than what we already thought.

It is all good and well using the NHS as a back story to this then if it is so important then they should accept the 30 percent wage cuts and hand over what they are prepared to give personally.I understand that the government will lose the tax revenue from their salaries but they can pay x amount to the NHS anyway.

It is not up to the clubs to do but themselves individually or a group. In Spain we saw Barcelona accept a 70 percent wage cut yet these fools can't see what could be coming around the next corner. If the League doesn't start again in June or July then the Clubs will have to reduce their salaries even more. that is the reality and no point in fighting against something. The Clubs are bigger than the players as without them they have no income.

The only answer is to accept the pay cut and then give a percentage of whatever they are getting to whatever institution they want. The clubs have to benefit by reducing costs and by now saying the 30 percent reduction can go straight to the NHS isn't a saving to the Clubs. Why are they concerned about the club and how much it is saving as they are the ones paying their over the top wages and should be grateful. Players should not get involved with the financials of their club as those are their employers.

Bournemouth and Burnley have already stated that they can only survive a few more months and possibly up to September. Don't the players get it the clubs may look financially strong, but in reality most are cash strapped. The clubs in the lower leagues need more help before the players worry about supplying money to the hospitals etc. What about the players who could be without a salary as their clubs go bankrupt? It just seems to be the players are putting on a show to try win over public support by saying the money is for the NHS etc.

We saw that when the financials of clubs were shown in the fair play ruling and most of them lose money every year even the big ones. They spend more than they earn and are debt ridden. Everton had to have it's owners fork out around $80 million to cover it's debts recently. This doesn't mean that they are financially sound by any means. If I am not mistaken it was more like 85% of all the football clubs in Europe were ending the season in debt. Take away the Advertising, TV revenue and the gate takings and you don't have a healthy business at all and it doesn't matter how big you are either. In most cases it is probably worse as you have more overheads than the smaller clubs.

The players play for the clubs and there is nothing wrong with the owners making money as the players benefit themselves. This is the perfect time to now say that there will be a pay cap in World Football and clubs need to adhere to these rules. Most players in the Premier League are receiving over the top salaries and even if they were halved they would still be well off and better than the man in the street by a long way.

If the TV revenue was removed tomorrow the clubs would not survive as that is their banker. The players need to wake up as they are now shooting themselves in the foot.

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Pro football players are the most spoiled bunch of humanity... But people forget fast, 99 % of the people will cheer them on again, when they are winning their next game... So what is wrong? The players or the current thinking ability of 99 % of the human race?