Covington gets the dub and then spits heat

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Colby Covington gets the dub and I am not surprised at all. Tyron has not looked the same in a long while. All he does is look for that one power shot.

A decent part of me feels like he faked the mystery rib injury because he didn't want to get beaten to a pulp LOL.

After the dominant win, Colby spits some politically incorrect truth, but I respect him so much for it. Nobody calls out LeBron on his bullcrap and he finally did. It's pretty cool. It's not a perspective you hear like, ever. It's refreshing to actually hear the other side that these democrats hate so much.

He also called out Kamaru Usman for a rematch. It's a tough fight for Colby but to say that first fight wasn't competitive, you're just being a hater. That was a good fight for awhile.

Not many people are that confident to express their support publicly for Trump. It's pretty refreshing to see Colby just be real.

In this day and age mainstream athletes and social media and a lot of people in general, consider you ignorant, racist, hateful, etc. if you happen to be white and conservative or whatever.

Again to say that's not at least a bit true, is just dumb. It's cool to see an athlete just be honest.

Sorry, not sorry.

If you think every single white dude is racist and hateful for their non-democratic views, perhaps you should re-think if YOU'RE not the racist.

What a night of fights.


Thank you for reporting from the Colosseum. I hope the shenanigans bring them to rock bottom. Maybe then we can start to resurrect the republic just like Barbados.

For sure!

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